Biden to propose 8-year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants in new legislation

A source close to the incoming Joe Biden administration told the Associated Press that Biden plans to propose immigration legislation on his first day in office that would give 11 million illegal immigrants an 8-year path to citizenship. 

The bill is reportedly hundreds of pages long and has two phases: five years for those living in the U.S. without legal status to get a green card after fulfilling a number of requirements, and another three years for naturalization.

The requirements Biden proposes are background checks, paying taxes, and other unspecified tasks.

DACA recipients and agricultural workers here on temporary work visas could have an even faster path to citizenship if they are going to school or working.

Helping immigrants prosper

The AP said that the bill addresses “some of the root causes of migration from Central America to the United States,” but did not give specifics on how it does so.

There are also workforce training grants so that immgrants can get better jobs and support themselves and their families.

The bill does choose to ignore, as most Democrat immigration policies do, the fact that all illegal immigrants broke the law to enter the U.S.

The bill does address the problem of people who have been in the United States for years and built a life here, but would be deported to a potentially dangerous country that could be foreign to them after such a long time under our current immigration laws.

Will be difficult to pass bill

Allowing people who have already broken U.S. laws to become legal citizens poses serious problems for most Republicans, who still have the filibuster in the Senate as a way to block legislation from getting a vote.

No border security or guest worker program is included in the bill, which could lead to a large number of new people coming into the country illegally or being dependent on safety net programs.

In recent days, a migrant caravan crossed the border from Honduras into Guatemala with the stated intention of entering the U.S. illegally.

The more than 6,000 people reportedly in the caravan are responding to the change in U.S. leadership and what they think it means for border policy–namely, that they will now have an easier time getting across the border into the U.S. in spite of existing laws to the contrary.

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10 Responses

  1. What is that Biden feels he has to overrun the country with illegals? Ans: He wants then to vote democrat for one party rule. The man will destroy the country. He’s hostile to working with repubs. The media will not challenge him. The voters must learn for themselves what he’s up to and vote his people out before its too late.

    1. Your vote in the future will mean nothing! The fixed illegal elections will continue into the future, if there is one!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I have an European Spanish friend. He can’t understand a word of the “Spanish” that is spoken in North America. Hell….they can’t understand each other if a question from a Floridian is asked to a Texan or a Texan to a Californian.

  2. President Trump had this all running smoothly for the good of America. Now, we will endure Biden’s idea of what not to do for the citizens but just how much we can give away to those that don’t belong here or in another country that should be taken care of their own. It is total hate for Trump that they cannot see the worth in carrying on those things he put into place.

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  4. I live in a “ border state” and we have a lot of illegals here. They come in illegally, then “ demand their rights”. What rights? They have none, other than to be treated humanely. They take our jobs, get welfare, free education, medical and other benefits . WE pay for them through higher taxes. The government does nothing about this, plus the crime rate is higher, because they commit crimes, run back across the border, and when the “ heat is off” they sneak back in and hide here in the predominately Hispanic communities who protect them. We cannot afford all these people coming in like Biden wants! President Trump wanted less immigrants coming in, Biden wants to open our borders for all to flood in, with NO vetting of who they are! It is a recipie for disaster!

  5. What more could you expect from a money grubbing power hungry Party, the Democraps will ruin this Country completely before his first term is even up. All we can hope for is that tragic falls upon them in the worst way possible and I am praying for it to happen.

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