Biden remains wary of prosecuting Trump as Dems ramp up calls for ‘a reckoning’

Democrats have spent four years fantasizing about sending Donald Trump to jail, so it comes as not much of a surprise that many are not satisfied with the idea that his presidency could soon be over.

Even as Joe Biden is said to be wary of pursuing the president, many Democrats are drooling over the idea of Trump facing charges and even being prosecuted for his “crimes,” the Washington Examiner reported Wednesday.

Dems want a “reckoning”

It’s not clear what crimes exactly liberals think Trump may have committed, unless getting elected is a felony.

Nevertheless, after Trump spent much of his presidency under all kinds of baseless investigations, many Democrats are eager to see him locked up on one pretext or another.

Among those in the “lock him up” camp: Eric Swalwell, a California congressman who made himself famous promoting the failed Trump–Russia collusion hoax, has called for a “Presidential Crimes Commission.”

“The idea is, we’re going to have to have a reckoning over what the president and his enablers have done to our country,” the Democrat told TMZ, according to the Examiner. “And I want that to be independent, I want it to be outside Congress, but I do believe that we do need to understand what crimes were committed.”

These calls for punishment have been echoed by the likes of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who recently called for “archiving” the “complicity” of Trump staffers, and former Clinton administration official Robert Reich, who has suggested a “Truth and Reconciliation” commission, according to a report from Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Biden reluctant to prosecute

But Democrats are facing a dilemma: while some think that Trump’s non-specific misdeeds are simply too profound to go unavenged, others argue that payback will come with a price for a nation that is already deeply divided.

Biden is said to be among the latter, according to members of his circle, who told NBC News that the former vice president wants to move on from the endless investigations of the Trump presidency. “He’s going to be more oriented toward fixing the problems and moving forward than prosecuting them,” an adviser said.

Biden has dismissed the notion of pardoning Trump, however, and an adviser told NBC that he believes his choice of attorney general is “going to be one of the most consequential decisions he’s going to make,” reflecting the gravity of the issue.

It would be unprecedented indeed for an American president to make a political prisoner out of his predecessor just to satisfy his base, and it’s not something that is likely to further Biden’s stated goals of “healing” and “uniting” the country.

If Biden really wants to show goodwill toward the more than 70 million Americans who voted for Trump, he can start by leaving well enough alone.

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