Biden admin weighing new protections for ‘climate refugees’: Report

President Joe Biden keeps finding ways to make an already chaotic immigration problem even worse. His latest excuse: climate change.

Even as America tries to digest the infrastructure-that’s-not-actually-infrastructure bonanza, the Biden administration is reportedly weighing a plan to bring “climate refugees” into the United States.

A new kind of refugee

Typically, one thinks of refugees as people fleeing repressive regimes, not bad weather. Then again, the left has already stretched the term to the limit. As they put it, a refugee is any poor person from the Global South seeking a better life.

But Biden wants to expand the definition further. As the Associated Press reports, Biden is “studying” so-called “climate refugees” and how to resettle them.

It’s novel territory, as even the liberal AP acknowledges: no country in the world recognizes “climate refugees” as a thing in their law codes.

But Biden is undeterred by such hide-bound conventions as the meaning of words. He is determined to lead, to change the conversation. In February, he signaled his interest with an executive order calling on National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to prepare a report on the matter by August.

NGOs, Democrats emboldened

With Biden’s backing, open-borders NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and Democrats in Congress are feeling emboldened. Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) announced Thursday he is re-upping legislation to “aid people displaced by climate change and support global resilience.”

“We have a greater chance now than ever before to get this done,” Markey told the AP.

Refugees International, meanwhile, is calling on Biden to “seize this opportunity and articulate a responsible plan of action designed to meet these challenges.”

Biden the linguist

Biden has already blamed climate change (and former President Donald Trump) for the current crisis at the southern border, so he clearly has some investment in making “climate refugees” a thing. And he has shown himself malleable to pressure, even agreeing to raise the refugee caps set by his predecessor after straying too far from the progressive left’s leash.

At his first press conference as president in March, Biden pointed to hurricanes as a push factor for migration from Central America. The president has generally focused on such deep-seated incentives that are beyond America’s ability to solve, instead of the “pull” incentives he has given — like amnesty — that could be fixed tomorrow.

With all sincerity, Biden deserves some credit for finding clever ways to change the English language. Climate change equals immigration equals “equity” equals infrastructure. And the American taxpayer always seems to be the one footing the bill.

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