Pres. Biden quadruples America’s refugee cap

In mid-April, the Biden administration suggested that it would give in to the demands of the far-left by significantly raising America’s refugee cap.

Breitbart reports that President Joe Biden on Monday confirmed that he will do so, announcing 62,500 as the new refugee cap for the 2021 fiscal year. 

“I now determine, consistent with my Administration’s prior consultation with the Congress, that raising the number of admissions permissible for FY 2021 to 62,500 is justified by grave humanitarian concerns and is otherwise in the national interest,” Biden said on Monday.

He added that this increase of America’s refugee cap “sends the important message that the United States remains a safe harbor for some of the most vulnerable people in the world.”


In mid-April, the New York Times released a report indicating that the Biden administration intended to maintain the refugee cap at the level – 15,000 –  set by former President Donald Trump during the final year of his term. This announcement went against a previous one made by Biden indicating that he would raise the cap during his first year in office.

The New York Times suggested that Biden’s officials were instrumental in this decision. The outlet, in fact, reported that some in the Biden administration were concerned that his unpopular immigration and border policies had “become major distractions.”

Soon after the release of the New York Times’ report, Biden was hit with criticism from the far left. This criticism was led by several Democrats in Congress as well as various advocacy groups, including, a group created by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“At some of our best moments, America has been a beacon of hope and a nation that actively seeks to welcome those seeking refuge—and at some of our worst, we turned our back on those very people in their time of greatest need … today’s decision is not only morally wrong, but will make the forced migration situation from Central America worse,” the group said in a statement, adding, “we strongly urge President Biden to reverse this decision and commit to his prior promises to rebuild America’s refugee program.”

Biden gives in

After the criticism started, it didn’t take long for Biden to cave on the issue. The White House quickly released a statement saying that Biden expects to increase the refugee cap by May.

On Monday, Biden followed through on that statement, raising the refugee cap from 15,000 to 62,500 for the 2021 fiscal year.

And, he isn’t going to stop there.

Biden had previously told Congress that he expects to raise America’s refugee cap to 125,000 by the end of the 2022 fiscal year. There is every indication that he will also follow through with that goal.

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  2. It certainly appears that AOC and Omar are running the Presidency. Even Poor old Bernie is left in the dust. God Bless America.

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  4. Mr. Make Believe President, you can pay for all these fortune seekers out of your corrupt pockets yourself. The American People do not want these poor people that you have suckered into coming here to beef up your corrupt Democrat voter pool. AMERICA FIRST…

    1. America should not be the worlds Police Force, and should definitely not be the worlds welfare office.

  5. Curious how it is in our national interest to raise the number? Oh its in the interest of the big corporation donors to the democrats and the deep state republicans. Got it.
    We have got to get this dolt and all the other evil ones out of there and lets get some sanity back into this country.

  6. Hey democrats, your faux President really sucks, TRUMP makes your Marxist commie look like a rookie with no intelligence, and by the way, how do you like your bank balance diminishing before your very eyes do to the stupid decisions a Marxist makes?!!!

  7. How many immigrants have entered through our southern border since Biden took office? I can’t seem to find that answer.

  8. He is a complete brain dead idiot who has no idea what he is doing. He has never worked for a dollar in his entire life. I cannot believe anyone really voted for this loser.

  9. I am conservative and republican. However, as we depart Afghanistan, I am deeply concerned for those special Afghans who were our brave allies over all these years. I remember what happened to our Vietnamese allies after we left Vietnam. We should give priority to our loyal Afghan allies when considering refugee status for newcomers. Also, what about Middle East Christians now in refugee camps who cannot return to their ancestral homes? Shouldn’t we find place for them also?

  10. He is totally unhinged and the worst President in history. Of course, he really isn’t our President because he was illegally elected.

  11. u can say this for sure they may call it a refugee camp now but it will turn out to be bidens little whore camp when he gets done & then his son will be right in the middle of it all , instead of china girls it will be mexican girls & boys & the clintons , obama , & the rest of them they might even sell a few for marriage …

  12. I hope Biden and other liberals are planning to house, feed, and cloth all these people at their expense.

  13. I agree!!! Time we Americans demand he be removed from office he’s ruining this great country . He’s breaking our laws IMPEACH HIM NOW

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