Biden struggles to recall dates of his own vice-presidential inaugurations during recent fundraiser

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has once again given critics an opportunity to question his cognitive function.

As reported by Breitbart, the former vice president took part in a virtual fundraiser along with actor Tom Hanks — and during the broadcast, he temporarily forgot the years he was inaugurated for President Barack Obama’s two terms.

“40 years later to the month”

Addressing the “Grassroots Fest,” a small-dollar fundraiser, on Tuesday, Biden stumbled over his dates and offered mistaken years for his inauguration following Obama’s two electoral victories.

In reality, of course, the inauguration takes place in January of the year following an election.

The confusing comments came as he recounted his decades-long political career, starting with his beginnings as a public defender.

“And I used to have to interview my clients down by the train station … and 40 years later to the month, January of 2018, I found myself in a circumstance where — I mean 2012 — I find myself standing in the same spot I was standing 40 years earlier,” he said.

Biden went on to recall waiting in Philadelphia for Obama to pick him up for a trip to D.C. “to be sworn in as president and vice president.”

Troubling poll results

Hanks stressed the perceived stakes of the upcoming election, calling the “most important” in the nation’s history and encouraging voters to support Biden. Continued public gaffes by the Democratic nominee, however, appear to be planting doubt in the minds of many Americans.

If this were an isolated flub, it could easily be dismissed as a momentary lapse on the campaign trail. Instead, it is merely the latest example of troubling behavior that has prompted an increasing number of Americans to believe he is suffering from some form of dementia.

In addition to a majority of respondents expressing such a sentiment in a recent Zogby poll, a Rasmussen survey found that a majority do not expect Biden to finish his first term if elected.

Nevertheless, the Democratic Party elite remains in lockstep with the Biden campaign as part of a unifying message of removing President Donald Trump from office. Former first lady Michelle Obama, for example, implored viewers during this week’s Democratic National Convention to vote for Biden as if their “lives depend on it.”

All the vocal support in the world, however, will not cover up for the type of misstatements and gaffes that are causing concern about the candidate himself.

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