Biden redecorates Oval Office with busts of Cesar Chavez, Rosa Parks: Reports

President Joe Biden has made some changes to the decor of the Oval Office since taking office — and no one who watched him stand by passively as National Guard troops slept in unheated parking garages should be surprised.

The Washington Examiner reported Thursday that Biden had removed the military flags set up by former President Donald Trump from the Oval Office and added busts of famous Americans like civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. and “socialist activist” Cesar Chavez.

Making changes

In addition to the flags, Biden also reportedly removed a portrait of Andrew Jackson, who was the first president to be elected from the Democratic Party, from the Oval.

Jackson became the focus of criticism from the left over the summer because of his actions toward Native Americans while president, the Examiner noted.

Biden replaced the Jackson portrait with one depicting Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and also added a bust of Roosevelt’s wife, Eleanor, reports said. He also reportedly added a bust of Rosa Parks and one of Robert Kennedy.

A new day

With these changes, “Biden is…nodding to segments of the Democratic Party’s base via [these] historic references,” said journalist Annie Linskey, according to the Examiner.

A tweet shared by the outlet showed stark differences between Trump’s and Biden’s workplaces:

Biden the puppet

Of course, it remains unclear if it was really Biden behind the changes. After all, there’s been little to no mention of these supposed leftist icons in his speeches or campaign materials.

To many, the moves may merely serve as further evidence that Biden isn’t really the one pulling the strings. Former President Donald Trump said as much while campaigning in August near Biden’s hometown, calling his then-opponent “a puppet of the radical left movement that seeks to destroy the American way of life,” according to The New York Times.

Now, Biden has begun to do just that with a host of executive orders that some argue threaten to cripple the U.S. economy and lessen Americans’ constitutional freedoms dramatically.

With Democrats also controlling both houses of Congress, it’s looking like the next two years will lead the country further left than it has ever been, even though Biden was chosen by Democrats as their candidate precisely because he promised not to do so.

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33 Responses

  1. After reviewing all that has transpired from the liberal left democrats, conservatives have a very, very good case for a Biden/Harris impeachment. Isn’t that what they tried to do to President Trump with LITTLE or NO evidence? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!! It’s time for the conservative faction of government to take some action

    1. I totally agree. Biden/Harris should be impeached. Biden for his business deals with China. Harris for her incitement and backing of riots this summer. She said protests are supposed to be violent.


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  3. Biden is a traitor to our country and needs to be removed immediately!
    He’s going to ruin everything we have worked for, actually he already is.

    1. Having the most racist of all politicians, the ex senator and illegal president who voted against almost every civil rights law proposed as he was a senator is an insult to MLK, JFK and Rosa Parks by having their likeness displayed in his office.

      1. He did add his idol, Cesar Chavez, to the office. Like all good communist leaders. I’m just surprised that he doesn’t have a bust of Lenin, Marx, and Stallin in the office as well. You know that the self proclaimed communist, Harris, has those likenesses in her office.

      2. watchin that poor old man ( never mind his 5 yrd low hurdle junts for the fake news)sign off everything the former pres, enacted, looks like a child with a new coloring book .should*nt that type of behavior b questioned? he ( he and family)do have history of medical probs. yeah i know …thats not true ! ok,right the sun didnt come up yesterday …

    2. Oh yes Biden is a traitor. Soon he and hundreds more will be arrested, tried by Military tribunal, then probably executed or maybe life in prison if they provide valuable info on other criminals. This should happen pretty soon I pray.

  4. I do not understand people voting for this man He cares NOTHING for the American people and only means harm to our country He is no mor e Catholic than Hitler was He does not love this country as Trump did and I don’t know of anything positive he has ever done for us as long as he has been in politics He should definitely be impeached along with Harris and Nancy

  5. Let`s see, Biden was the one who suggested to use the Logan Act with Pres, Trumps first illegal impeachment ,when he is now the one who should be in prison for trying to overthrow a duly elected president, the democrats all knew this was a illegal move and now I find these same cowards shivering in their boots for fear of a Trump return in 2024, Trump will get my vote in a half -a -heartbeat, IMPEACH BIDEN NOW !!!!!! maybe God will do it for every patriot out there ,,, keep praying Paul the Jarhead 79-82

  6. I agree , Biden / Harris, and Pelosi should be impeached before our country is destroyed which seems to be their mission for whoever they are beholden to.

  7. all of these people ( democrats ) need to be removed there just a bunch of communist. we can do it legally. IF THAT DON’T WORK WE CAN USE FORCE LIKE PEE -LISO SAID talking about president Trump

  8. If biden isn’t removed he will continue with his America last policies. There is more than enough evidence.

  9. Awwwwww, How very very & too too!!!! Sleepy Joe didn’t change a damn thing in the Oval Office!!!! It’s the Puppeteers!!!!!….. Psssssst: Obozo????

  10. I don’t think that is the Oval Office. The view out the window is wrong and I don’t think he has possessions of the military flags. There is something fishy going on and we may soon find out.

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