Biden references heavily armed federal government in push to institute new gun restrictions

President Joe Biden is among the many prominent members of the Democratic Party who call for “common sense reform” in their pursuit of new gun control measures.

As revealed in one offhand remark during a recent speech on the topic, however, the president sometimes lets the mask slip to reveal what critics see as the face of tyranny.

“Maybe some nuclear weapons”

According to The Daily Wire, Biden addressed the issue of rising violent crime rates by emphasizing the perceived need for stricter gun laws and dismissing the Second Amendment as a feeble defense against government forces that include nuclear weapons.

His remarks also included the stated belief that COVID-19 and a lack of sufficient gun control measures have contributed to increased urban crime, referring to at least some firearms dealers as “merchants of death.”

Specifically, he asserted that the right to bear arms has “always” had limitations, claiming that “no one needs” to have access to an “assault weapon” like the type he hopes to effectively ban.

The president also offered an unsettling spin on Thomas Jefferson’s quote that the “tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants,” thus clarifying that his view that such a contest would be a one-sided bloodbath.

He explained to those Americans who believe owning a gun would help protect them from government tyranny that they would “need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons” to put up any fight at all.

“Militarized and armed”

“The point is that there’s always been the ability to limit, rationally limit, the type of weapon that can be owned, and who can own it,” Biden said.

Some of the criticism that followed included a reference to his earlier claims that the federal government was nearly toppled by a mob of largely unarmed Trump supporters during a riot on Capitol Hill in January.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, for example, wrote that Biden revealed a fatal fallacy in the “depiction of a few hundred MAGA protesters as a threat to the stability of history’s most militarized and armed government.”

Of course, Biden’s latest take on the topic of gun control is hardly surprising to those who have long railed against the left’s insistence that ordinary Americans are not entitled to the right to defend themselves — against the government, if necessary — with firearms.

Instead, the president merely offered another glimpse into what the push for gun control might truly be about: disarming the population so that the government has absolute power.

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  9. Why can’t the so called brains in the gov. understand that guns don’t kill people!!! People kill people. If someone wishes to kill someone and a gun is not available they will find some other way. The gov. is only trying to remove our safety from them.

  10. The man cannot even remember the names of people he is in a group with and you think he should be uncharge of this nation? He is daft and needs to go back to his basement and take Harris with him to keep him in the basement.

  11. I VIVIDLY remember watching video coverage of Venezuela when it was under the rule of Chavez and they had only sticks and stones to fight off the enemy, their own government. Obama, Biden’s puppet master, is no fool, he saw this too and took notes. WE all know Obama is the true “occupant of the WH and he’s mad, yes M-A-D!!!, INSANELY OBCESSED WITH TAKING DOWN THIS COUNTRY! Is this what you want? Sticks and stones to fight off our own government?!

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