Biden administration confirms intent to rejoin the U.N. Human Rights Council

President Joe Biden is on a mission to reverse all of the progress predecessor Donald Trump made since 2017, and his latest target is the U.N. Human Rights Council, which Trump left in 2018.

Biden’s charge d’affaires in Geneva, Mark Cassayre, announced on Monday that the U.S. will return to the heavily-criticized organization as an observer initially, with the intention of fully rejoining in the near future.

Obama-era regression

Joe Biden’s vision of “building back better” simply means a return to the Obama-era globalist philosophy — which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering Joe Biden was heavily involved in the creation of that doctrine in the first place.

President Trump initially withdrew from the UN council due to its disproportionate negative focus on Israel, Fox Reported, noting that Trump’s displeasure was invoked due to Israel receiving “by far the largest number of critical council resolutions against any country and because [the council] failed to meet an extensive list of reforms demanded by then-U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley.”

The vaunted “Human Rights” Council has come under fire for years due to the decision to accept nations such as China, Cuba, Eritrea, Russia and Venezuela as members, despite documented and egregious human rights violations perpetrated by the governments in question.

That doesn’t bother Biden, who made it clear last week that the US will no longer prioritize “America First,” rather, globalism will take precedence in US foreign policy.

Ingratiating with dictators

“The Biden administration believes in a foreign policy centered on democracy, human rights and equality,” Cassayre told the Council in a recent organization meeting. “Effective use of multilateral tools is an important element of that vision.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken jumped aboard the sycophantic rhetoric, adding via Twitter that “The @UN Human Rights Council is flawed and needs reform, but walking away won’t fix it. The best way to improve the Council, so it can achieve its potential, is through robust and principled U.S. leadership. Under @POTUS Biden, we are reengaging and ready to lead.”

Biden’s administration has made it clear that the days of using US influence to pressure nations to address human rights abuses, offering empty words of collaboration and platitudes of hope while nations like China plow ahead with their sickening agenda.

Hillel Neuer, the executive director of advocacy group UN Watch, an organization dedicated to calling out the council’s missteps, said that the Obama administration had a “tendency to become a cheerleader for the council,” warning Biden to avoid doing the same.

“The cost of the U.S. decision to rejoin is that it gives legitimacy to a council where tyrannies and other non-democracies now comprise 60% of the membership,” Neuer said.

“In exchange, the U.S. must demand serious reform, removing despots from the council such as Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro regime, holding dictators to account, and removing the agenda item that targets Israel in each session, the only one to focus on a single country,” Neuer concluded.

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11 Responses

  1. Israel and India are already forming a closer alliance that will favor certain nations, but NOT the USA. They clearly see Iran as a threat (unlike Mr. Biden et al) and are even allying themselves with the Saudis to counter the chaos that could again overtake the Middle East. What does that mean for us? For one thing, paired with the “no-fracking” thing, thus crippling domestic energy sources, the price of virtually everything in the US will go UP, taxes will go up, small businesses will falter (even more), the American public will be cut out of many free world markets, we’ll be more dependent on our ENEMIES like CHINA, not a good thing. All you stupid people who actually voted for Biden, enjoy…

    1. they are more than stupid…Their brains are the size of the sloths brains,(and i am being generous) but what did they care????? just look at CA………..the cesspool of the nation!!!! We are the morons that complain and do nothing to change things!!! Why don’t we do like the teachers?……….. let us all go on strike… especially the truckers and the railroads…… and then bring the poor guys from the National Guard to sleep in parking lots.

  2. Total BS. America First. Our government can’t even manage what they have on their plate today. They have no business thinking they can manage globally. That’s just another way for quid pro politics to pad their pockets.

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  4. The B. D.’s who voted for those goons Biden and Harris are getting 2 Commies that are ruing the country and are enjoying doing it it seems! They are a disgrace to the country and to the world. What a fiasco is taking place and it is just starting. God save America some way please as the crappy politicians do not seem interested in doing it!! Most are a disgrace although there are a few good ones! Now even Fox news has slipped into the sewer when they cancelled the most watched show in the country Lou Dobbs!!! Hope Lou will go to NEWSMAX!! They would gain millions of viewers.

  5. I will follow Lou Dobbs…another big fat mistake by the people who run Fox….you left Chris Wallace what r u totally crazy????? Re-joining the Human Rights Council….barf…almost all of them are not humane to they own people…one big step for Obama run WH….The way he and his mate have spoken about America this is definitely a wrong move…Joe are you in there….somewhere….you r not what this country needs or wants!!!!

  6. With 40 some odd Executive Orders already signed in less than two weeks, Biden will fit right in with the rest of the dictators of the UN Council. There is no way he will change them. He will, however, fall lock step in with their dictatorial ways of running a country.

  7. I remember a presidential candidate that try to run on the campaign of “building a bridge to the past” he was destroyed, politically. Now we have a president that is doing that, and he is not even going back to the good things of the past.

  8. Siden is stupid. The U.N. doesn’t know what Human Rights are as they are filled with Muslims that say a woman has no rights

  9. Life here in the US is going to get very ugly. The only consolation is that those who voted for Biden will suffer with the rest of us, not that it makes it any better. The president not putting the US first should be grounds for impeachment.

  10. all of the fall out from the reversals that Biden made since his election
    will soon be realized by all working Americans and our economy will see a change none of us will like. But hey The Democrats will force blame on the republicans or the virus we are now having to deal with.

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