Biden relatives have long record of arrests, but none have spent time in jail: Report

The New York Post may have just uncovered one of the biggest Biden family scandals yet.

In a new report, the Post exposes the “Biden family rap sheet,” listing all of the criminal activity and arrests in which the Bidens have been involved and for which they have curiously received zero jail time. 

Included by the Post on the catalog of offenders are Caroline Biden, 33, the former vice president’s niece; his daughter Ashley Biden; his son Hunter Biden, 50; and his brother Frank Biden, 66.

Ladies first

The most recent addition to the Biden family rap sheet, according to the Post, involved Caroline. Last August, she was caught in Pennsylvania driving under the influence and without a license. This particular case is still pending, but it does not represent Caroline’s first run-in with the law, as the Post noted.

In 2017, Caroline Biden was arrested for spending $110,000 on a credit card that had been stolen — a felony offense — but the prosecutor allowed her to get off the hook almost entirely by letting her plead to the lesser offense of petty larceny. Then, in 2013, Caroline was arrested for allegedly striking an NYPD officer who had responded to a dispute Caroline was having with her roommate over unpaid rent. Here, Caroline agreed to participate in anger management education, and her case was dismissed, as the Post also reported.

Moving on to Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley, she too has had a good three run-ins with the law. Back in 1999, when she was attending Tulane University, she was arrested for marijuana possession, according to a previous Post report.

Then, in 2002, Ashley was arrested for attempting to obstruct the police by making “intimidating statements” to an officer following a bar fight in Chicago. Finally, in 2009 a video surfaced which appeared to show Ashley snorting what looked to be cocaine at a party, the Post reported. For this, she was never arrested, and as for her other two crimes, both times she was allowed to essentially skate.

Now the gentlemen

The nefarious dealings of Frank and Hunter Biden are more well-known than those of Ashley and Caroline, but they merit additional discussion just the same.

Back in 1999, Frank Biden was a passenger in a vehicle that caused a drunk-driving accident resulting in the death of William Albano. He was later found partially liable for Albano’s death, and still owes the deceased man’s family roughly $1 million stemming from that judgment, according to the Post.

Then, in August of 2003, Frank was arrested for drunk driving, earning himself six months of probation. Not long thereafter, in October 2003, he was busted for stuffing two DVDs from a Blockbuster store down his pants, although he never faced prosecution in that incident. Roughly a year later, Frank was again arrested, this time for driving with a suspended license, but the judge allowed him to avoid jail time by agreeing to go to attend a rehabilitation program for three months, the Post indicated.

Last up is Hunter Biden, whose drug history has been well documented by news outlets over the years. Despite abusing drugs since the 1980s, though, Hunter was only arrested once in 1988 for drug possession. Following a pre-trial intervention, his record was expunged. We know that Hunter has abused drugs over the years because he has admitted to it, saying that he had been addicted to crack for four years, but on no other occasion was he arrested, and he never served any jail time.

And, that’s the real scandal here. As the Post reports: “The cases — ranging from felony theft to drug possession — were all either thrown out, or resulted in light sentences with no jail time.” A spokesman told the Post that Joe Biden had nothing to do with his family members getting off so easily, but he’d likely have a hard time convincing anyone of that.

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