Biden releases two drug-dealing relatives of Venezuela’s socialist dictator in controversial prison swap

President Biden is touting the release of seven Americans from Venezuela in a controversial prison swap that some are saying will damage U.S. credibility.

Poking a hole in Biden’s hero fantasy, Republican senator Marco Rubio (FL) said that Biden has put a “price tag on Americans” by freeing two drug traffickers related to Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Biden releases Venezuelan drug dealers

Venezuela touted the release of the “unjustly imprisoned” men, who are known as Maduro’s “narco nephews.

The Biden administration had announced over the weekend that it granted clemency to the two convicted cocaine pushers, Franqui Flores and his cousin Efrain Campo, who are both nephews of Maduro’s wife Cilia Flores.

According to Rubio, Biden is sending a message to rogue governments that they can kidnap Americans in order to pressure the U.S. to negotiate the release of legitimate criminals.

“Every time you do one of these deals — and I wanted those people released as much as anybody,” Rubio told CNN’s State of the Union.

“But every time you do this, now others know, I can take Americans, I can hold them until I need something as a bargaining chip.”

White House plays footsie with a dictator

In exchange for Maduro’s relatives, Maduro released five Citgo executives, a former U.S. Marine, and a Florida man.

“These individuals will soon be reunited with their families and back in the arms of their loved ones where they belong,” Biden said in a statement.

The swap appears to hint at greater diplomacy between Washington and Caracas. Biden has already made overtures of sanctions relief to Maduro amid an international energy crunch, driven by Western sanctions on Russia, that is causing domestic headaches for Biden and his Democratic allies.

The administration is also pursuing a controversial deal to swap a hardened Russian arms dealer for basketball star and BLM activist Brittney Griner, who was convicted in Russia for drug smuggling.

Meanwhile, a recently leaked internal report from Biden’s Department of Homeland Security said that Maduro is intentionally releasing murderers and rapists and sending them to the U.S. southern border, which has been overwhelmed with record numbers of illegal immigrants on Biden’s watch.