Biden COVID-19 relief plan includes $1,400 payments, not $2,000 many expected

President-elect Joe Biden is still days away from his inauguration, but he has nonetheless advanced several lofty proposals regarding a promised COVID-19 relief package he wants to see passed shortly after taking office.

New reports, however, have tamped down some of the excitement among Biden supporters of a promised $2,000 direct stimulus payment.

“Simply not enough”

While the former vice president has repeatedly described the higher payment as a desperate need for millions of Americans, the details of his proposed package provide for checks for a much lower amount of $1,400, according to Breitbart.

Biden has apparently combined his proposed payments with the $600 checks already distributed to Americans under the Trump administration to reach the promised $2,000 in relief payments.

Of course, his tweet just days ago was widely interpreted differently.

“$600 is simply not enough when you have to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table,” the president-elect tweeted. “We need $2,000 stimulus checks.”

Reuters provided many of the details from a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief package the Biden transition team unveiled on Thursday and that they are seeking immediate congressional approval upon the start of Biden administration.

More unanswered questions

In addition to $1,400 checks to Americans, Biden’s plan calls for expanding the pool of individuals eligible to receive the assistance. The proposal would also increase the federally funded supplemental unemployment insurance payments from $300 per week to $400 — on top of the amount an individual would already be receiving in state benefits.

Another $415 billion is set aside for boosting the nation’s vaccine distribution program and even more is earmarked for relief to small businesses and communities.

To some small business owners, however, the potential relief comes as cold comfort considering a related plan to hike the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour.

The Biden proposal would also extend until September the federal moratorium on evictions and foreclosures. If successful, reports indicate yet another relief package would be introduced after a few months.

As C/Net noted, there are some unanswered questions circulating around the Biden plan other than the apparent switcheroo regarding a promised $2,000 stimulus check. Among them is uncertainty about whether the additional payment would come as direct deposits and physical checks or merely as a tax rebate when people file their 2021 taxes.

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21 Responses

  1. Was that Joe Manchin or Joe Biden making that typical Liberal “change your mind” decision?
    Nothing wrong with that, right rich Lefties?

  2. Have already received $600, and the difference of $1,200 would equal $2,000. Anybody with the sense God gave a goose could figure that out!!


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  4. The way I see it right now is;
    Trump kept his word as to the wall and other promises made.
    Joe Biden while not in office yet is already a liar . Promised $2,000 checks
    now wants to change the amount to $1400. Guess People don’t need the
    extra $600 at all..
    The above comment is my feelings, ideals, belief, etc. etc. as you are all
    welcomed to yours as well. Feel free to agree or disagree.

  5. I knew we could not believe anything Joe Biden (the fake president) said!!! He was talking through his hat and saying anything we, the people, thought would be pleasing to hear. He is a true politician!!! If these corrupt politicians only knew just what we think if them!!!

    1. Actually and factually, Sleepy Joe blow hole Biden is a lying communist. I have been living by truth more than 2/3s of my 68 years and will continue to call things as they are.

  6. As usual the leftists are only looking for free anything. Let’s get back to work then the the couch potatoes can come out of the basement. Biden made promises he had no notion of keeping and can’t remember them anyway.

  7. as I see it Biden has already proved to be a liar and a cheat, and by that I mean, ” 2000$ per person. But he now is saying only 1400 ??? ” I am republican voter and always will be. Tired of these Government Officials who make millions and the American People are expected to ” roll over and say “Oh Thankyou

  8. We need this money NOW. Not when we file our income taxes. Geezis Biden. Keep your damn word for change!!!! We have bills to pay NOW!!!! Not in a month or 2 or 3. Get your crap together!!!!!

  9. Agree with all posts! We need THE MONEY NOW, not as a tax rebate! What about people who get social security, ssi, etc? Most of us do not have a tax liability, don’t have to file taxes because our ONLY income is social security! Or poor people who are on welfare? Guess we don’t count, other than bieng termed “ useless eaters”, though we have worked and paid into social security all our lives, now cannot work due to age it Ill health! What about us?

  10. Democrats are suddenly interested in pushing through a relief bill to help struggling Americans…It’s political optics/theater! When Trump wanted $2,000 relief checks it was opposed. Biden thinks working American citizens are useful idiots. Before the election his team was shaping the narrative. He wants to implement 100 days of mandatory masks. What happens in 100 days? Spring and no Covid. The media will say Biden stopped the virus. Then, there’s all the blue states suddenly saying we need to open all businesses to restore the economy. The media will say Biden saved the economy. Democrats want to make sure there’s never another outsider in the White House.

  11. When will people learn to depend upon themselves instead of “Government”; if we can do it, so can everyone else. Work hard, spend wisely, tithe to your church, give to the needy, improve your neighborhood, love one another & teach your children to do the same

  12. How many of you know that Joe Biden has had 2 brain surgeries, one on each side of his head?

    How many people know that Joe had a head full of blood after an aneurysm exploded in his head in 1988?

    How many know that the resulting brain damage from a subarachnoid hemorrhage, as the blood breakdown products bathe the brain, are significant and create permanent damage, let alone the compression and damage due to the jet of blood from the rupture itself?.

    Why has the media not asked for his medical records, list of medications, EEG, or at least an angiogram of his brain’s blood vessels? Multi-aneurysm patients like Mr. Biden have a tendency to form new ones and are recommended to have an angiogram every 5 years; where is the report? Really, the NY Times couldn’t do a piece on this? How about a CT scan to document what his brain looks like or verify he does not have hydrocephalus or a ventricular peritoneal shunt or seizure disorder? Where is the outrage?

    The fact of the matter is the media conspiracy to elect Mr. Biden is unbelievable and wholly liable if he takes the oath of office on January 20, 2021, while overlooking these significant medical issues.

    I mean, really, shouldn’t there be some sort of medical prerequisite for the Office of President of the United States and all of the stress it induces?

    Whether you are for Biden or against him, please be honest enough to spread the truth about his medical issues before he’s sworn in as our next president with no one knowing the medical issues he suffers from.”
    John R Robinson M.D. Neurosurgeon
    West Palm Beach, Florida

  13. I get the checks for $1400. That would make the $2000 that Trump promised. At the same time Biden will take credit for what Trump wanted and suggested.
    I am still praying for the “STOP THE STEAL” movement.

  14. Their not worried about his health, think about it?? He picked Kamala when they despise each other. Not by accident if he kicks the bucket guess who we deal with then. That to me is even more scary.

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