Biden promises to seek ‘responsible end’ to wars that have ‘dragged on for far too long’

President Joe Biden has been clear in his desire to undo many of the orders and actions implemented under the Trump administration, but he has been somewhat more nebulous in describing what he actually wants to do — particularly in laying out his defense priorities.

In a speech on Wednesday, for example, Biden offered a noncommittal remark rhetorically advocating for the end of America’s longest ongoing wars around the world.

“The security of the American people”

As the Washington Examiner reported, Biden called for a “responsible end” to U.S. involvement in multiple conflicts as part of his first presidential address at the Pentagon.

Of course, former President Donald Trump also frequently spoke of efforts to bring “endless wars” to a conclusion, though his defeat in November’s election led some allies to wonder about the future of American military involvement.

Taken at his word, however, Biden set a similar tone this week, acknowledging that wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that date back to the 9/11 terrorist attacks have gone on for “too long” and should be ended in an appropriate manner. Critics are sure to focus on caveats in his language as a possible indicator that these wars could continue indefinitely without an adequate resolution.

“I will work with [Defense] Secretary [Lloyd] Austin and leaders around the world to bring a responsible end to wars that have dragged on for far too long while continuing to ensure that terrorist threats cannot endanger the security of the American people,” Biden said.

For his part, Trump brought the number of troops in Afghanistan down to 2,500, the lowest level since the war began in 2001, shortly before he left office.

“I will never dishonor you”

A timeline set under his administration for a peace deal with the Taliban calls for a full withdrawal by May, but Biden has called for a review of that plan.

In his speech on Wednesday, the president seemed to approach an end to the wars as an afterthought, first touting a commitment to diversity — including his reversal of a transgender ban in the military — as well as a call to “reprioritize” the Pentagon’s assets to focus on issues like climate change and racial justice.

“And it’s long past time that the full diversity and full strength of our force is reflected at every level of this Department, including our Secretary of Defense,” Biden said.

While he shied away from most concrete promises, the president did pledge never to “politicize” the military in an apparent potshot directed at his predecessor.

“I will never dishonor you,” Biden said. “I will never disrespect you. I will never politicize the work you do.”

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30 Responses

    1. I concur! Not only Biden needs to be impeached, but all 100% of the Dems need to be impeached including Chief Justice Roberts, all four of the previous AG’s, etc..

      1. But if Biden is impeached we get Kamala who is probably worse and then if we impeach her we get Piglosy which is again worse. this is a no win situation right now.

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  2. Biden want’s to make us more secure while opening up our borders to anyone who wants to come in. This man is either dumb as a rock or out of his mind. Probably both!

    1. Impeach Sleepy Joe & Kamala To Save America He’s Already Killed Thousands Of Jobs Canceling The Keystone Pipeline Now Letting Hunderds Of Illegals Come Into Our Country When We Need To Put American Back To Work And They Work For Cheap Labor & take American Jobs!!

  3. I agree Biden should be impeached, Rep. Green’s Articles of Impeachment will go nowhere but in 2022, when we take the House back, “Lets Roll”.

  4. Trump is the first president in decades that really was serious about ending needless wars AND bringing our troops home. He looked at different approaches to peace in the Middle East that the freaking media doesn’t even want to acknowledge. As a Vietnam Veteran Bronze Star recipient this was why I was a Trump supporter in 2020 even though I did not vote for him in 2016 because I thought he was a typical BS artist. Now we have a guy who is full of BS and will kowtow to our enemies and get us into a new conflict. He and his family and troops are beholden to the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned JFK about. May God have mercy to guide us through these troubling times.

    1. May God have mercy on us indeed! We’re about to get the payment we deserve for allowing these types of Democrat vermin like Schumer, Pelosi, Shiff, and all the other Communist scum to do what they did to our President!

  5. This puppet regime will allow China and Iran to take over the world. But Biden will get a Pulitzer for plagiarizing Trump’s plan. He always lies. Wake up people. This totalitarianism regime is just getting started. Obama 2.0

  6. Biden (not my president) is a pathological liar and has been his whole pathetic life.
    He and many of the Dems need to be arrested, tried and convicted of teason.
    President Trumps impeachment trial is a total sham perpetuated by a very hateful and evil Democratic party that is running in fear of the end of their political careers that they know are in jeopardy if President Trump were to stay in power.
    God Bless America!!!!!

  7. REALLY????? LMBO!!!!! Who wrote that BS for him???? A RINO???? That sniffer is a riot!!!! (can i say riot?)……

  8. For 4 long years, all we heard was “IMPEACH”!!!! Investigations, whistle-blowers, proof, fake dossiers etc. End result? All lies. Nothing. The GOP??? (crickets) Now you have this old relic who loves to sniff your hair (under investigation by Ukraine), whistle-blowers & well documented proof that him & his son sold out America to the chicoms. End result??? Ask the GOP. OH!! WAIT!!! (crickets over there)….. Let me give them something out of the Democrats playbook: “IMPEACH”!!!! “IMPEACH”!!!! “IMPEACH”!!!!! Maybe they’ll wake up…… Maybe.

  9. Why do Americans trust this brain dead commie and his lies .He has millions of Americans with out jobs and the idiot is still killing us off .HIs family is living a good life that they don’t deserve and the rest of Americans are dying Joe Biden is a Dictator and he is no good for America. He is the one that needs to be impeached not Trump .Down with Biden

  10. Wake up America revolt against the Biden dictator bring them down strip them of all their money and throw them in prison

  11. Where is all the solar Biden promised ,I see no new jobs from American Solar Biden is a lying two face pony soldier I hate this want to be President Moran

  12. Biden does not care about Americans only his family maybe if his family had live like we do don’t donate to the democratic party They are scum

  13. Biden and his staff cannot be trusted. They tell one lie and then when their confronted about issues regarding America and Real Americans they tell more lies to cover up their previous lies, it just doesn’t end. Then biden and his sick pathetic staff expect Americans to believe it, really you cannot be serious. Do you think Americans’ are that stupid. I don’t think so. The more I have seen this whole terrible and sad situation evolve the more I realize that it started and was planned out by the democrats when clinton lost to President Trump. I don’t agree with everythinig President Trump did or said, but most important he was an American first and put America first. Biden is so out of touch quess he spent too much time in the basement with his rats. Impeach biden and staff. Give him, his family and staff a one-way ticket to china since they like the CCP so much. Notice I didn’t put President in front of his name. That’s because you have to earn that title biden, like President Trump did. Wake up. In God We Trust.

  14. As usual, Biden makes statements and forgets the statements immediately after making them, he then turns around and does the complete opposite! He is an incompetent, senile, idiot! There is no way this, “Criminal” was legally elected to the Presidency!

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