Biden retreats to seclusion after brief campaign outing in Pittsburgh: Reports

Supporters applauded Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s recent campaign stop in Pittsburgh amid Republican criticism that he had spent too much of the race in the basement of his Delaware home.

Monday’s outing appeared shortlived, however; according to Breitbart, the former vice president soon left the campaign trail to once again try to rally voters from his own residence.

“Calling a lid”

Emily Larson, a writer for the Washington Examiner, brought attention to the development in a tweet on Tuesday.

“Day two of the Biden campaign having a traveling press pool cover his movements,” she wrote. “The campaign started the morning by calling a lid … we are told to not expect any pooled movements from Biden for the rest of the day.”

Breitbart’s Kyle Olsen defined “lid” as press speak for “calling it a day,” going on to note a pool report’s confirmation that there was little on the nominee’s agenda.

“There will be a virtual fundraiser later in the afternoon, and a pool report for that, but we are told not to expect any pooled movements from Biden for the rest of the day,” Olsen’s report stated.

As for his Pittsburgh speech on Monday, there were reportedly just eight people in attendance to hear his remarks live. Despite using prepared remarks, Biden attracted yet more unwanted attention for stumbling over his words during his discussion of the nation’s coronavirus death toll.

“Virtual events in 10 cities”

President Donald Trump took the opportunity to once again portray his rival as unfit to serve as commander in chief.

While Biden appears to be settling back into his basement as Election Day draws near, CBS correspondent Bo Erickson signaled in a tweet this week that former second lady Jill Biden is poised to take on a more active role on the campaign trail.

“Dr. Jill Biden launching her ‘Back to School’ tour today in Delaware,” he wrote, adding that she is set “to travel and hold virtual events in 10 cities in 8 battleground states.”

With their nominee’s wife campaigning and their nominee nowhere to be found, it will be increasingly hard for Democrats to combat growing concerns about Biden’s competence and stamina.

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