Biden ridiculed for making extremely creepy comment to woman during NEA speech

President Joe Biden’s reputation for being a little too creepy around children was not helped during a recent speech he gave at the National Education Association headquarters in Washington D.C.

According to the Washington Examiner, Biden went viral after he took a moment to pause his speech to point out an unidentified woman in the crowd who he claims to have known or been involved with when he was younger, and when she was only a child.

Biden, during his speech, abruptly stopped, and said “You gotta say hi to me.”

He added: “We go back a long way. She was 12 — I was 30. But anyway, this woman helped me get an awful lot done.”

What did it mean?

Some suggested that his comment to the unknown woman could have been a late-life admission, which sometimes happens with people experiencing cognitive decline or Dementia.

Missing any real context, the comment on its own doesn’t sound like something he would want to say out loud, as it infers he had some kind of relationship with this person when he was a young man, and when she was merely a small child.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson honed in on the comment during his Friday night show.

However, many on social media who rushed to defend the cognitively fragile president insisted that he was talking to his wife, Jill Biden, who they claim was sitting in the area to where he pointed during the bizarre comment. Either way, it was weird.

Railing against Republicans

Biden spent most of his NEA speech responding to House Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) announcement of the “Commitment to America” plan rolled out earlier on Friday.

“House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy went to Pennsylvania and unveiled what he calls a ‘Commitment to America,'” the president said. “Now, that’s a thin series of policy goals with little or no detail that he says Republicans are going to pursue if they regain control of the Congress.”

He added: “In the course of nearly an hour, here’s a few of the things we didn’t hear: We didn’t hear him mention the right to choose, we didn’t hear him mention Medicare, [and] we didn’t hear him mention Social Security.”