‘It’s time to grow up’: Biden rips GOP lawmakers for declining masks during Capitol riot

President-elect Joe Biden has been portrayed by his supporters as someone who will restore civility to the White House.

In response to reports that multiple congressional Republicans refused to wear face masks during a riot on Capitol Hill earlier this month, however, the former vice president lost his cool. He reacted with outrage during comments on Friday, asking: “What the hell’s the matter with them.”

“Matters of life and death”

Just days before he is set to be inaugurated, Biden took aim at GOP lawmakers now being blamed for potentially spreading COVID-19 to other members of Congress.

“It’s time to grow up,” the president-elect declared in a speech otherwise focused on his plan to speed up COVID-19 vaccinations.

Biden reacted to “shocking” video footage of several Republicans declining a face covering while they were in lockdown during the Jan. 6 mob takeover of the Capitol building.

“I know it’s become a partisan issue, but what a stupid, stupid thing for it to happen,” he declared said. “For God’s sake, wear a mask. If not yourself but for your loved ones, for your country. These are really matters of life and death.”

Shortly before a fifth member of Congress announced a positive test result, Biden furthered the growing argument that those Republicans without masks possibly contributed to the virus’s spread.

“One of our 100-day challenges”

“The result, at least four members of Congress to date, including a cancer survivor, now have COVID-19 who were in those rooms,” he said.

Of course, these individuals were not the only theoretical cause of viral spread among elected officials. Just days before the riot, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) allowed a congresswoman who tested positive for the virus to vote on the House floor.

In any case, Biden reiterated “one of our 100-day challenges” in his administration will be to encourage all Americans to wear a mask in public.

“The day we are inaugurated, I’m going to ask you to mask up for the next 100 days,” he said. “This is not a political issue.”

Biden’s remarks came one day after the release of his $1.9 trillion “American Rescue Plan,” which includes direct payments of $1,400 to individuals in addition to a range of other proposals meant to provide relief and assistance to Americans continuing to struggle amid the public health crisis. As for his recommended pandemic-related mandates, however, multiple studies show that mandatory lockdown measures do not lead to noticeably more advantageous results than voluntary efforts.

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23 Responses

  1. I am watching to see what republicans vote for Biden’s package of too much tax payer dollars to sanctuary states and /or cities. They must resist at all turns. No money or votes for those who don’t resist.

  2. Joe Biden and camel will never be legitimate they stole the election and they know it! Get your popcorn and watch America as we know it go away!I will never vote again! The dirty Democrats have stole the election third World countries have nothing on us now God help us!

    1. If you don’t keep trying/voting, they will always have control. My first reactionwas, “I will never vote again!” And then I realized, that’s EXACTLY what they want! I will always vote Republican and hope that somehow, they can fix what the Democrats broke!

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    1. that was the height of stupidly/ like at hair saloon she did not follow the rules and she/he/it thinks that we should do what it says

  4. It is apparent that no politician has ever read Leviticus chapter 11 dealing with diseases and the wearing of masks. In Leviticus it states those infected are to be in quarantine. But if they go out there to wear a covering over the upper lip not covering the nose, so that they can breathe in fresh air and exhale through the cloth. These bunch of morons don’t know there ABCs.

  5. Yeah he only points out Republicans.How about Pelosi who brought that sick congress person there to vote for her re-election as speaker of the house.Where was her concern for spreading the virus

  6. Pelosi ruled not to do testing on members of Congress earlier in this at its most violent so called spread. Then as stated previously brought infected people intentionally in to vote for her? What a facking joke! I hope they get what is said to be coming but since a democrat hasn’t faced real charges in how many years I doubt it. Maybe it’s going to take more to get us to ALL fight but it’s right around the corner. What’s the military going to do shoot the people the are sworn to protect?

  7. I find it VERY interesting that liberals USE the COVID crisis to “push” through RIDICULOUS fiscal fiasco’s!!! Why, pray tell, should the American people be FORCED to underwrite State ‘over’ budget spending while other States are fiscally RESPONSIBLE??? I shudder at the thought of what lies ahead for our Country. You can bet your last dollar (if you have one) that this COMBINED fiscal irresponsibility is COMING HOME TO ROOST :^(

    1. flashyone you are correct / those cities harboring illegals and criminals have done it to themselves and our tax money should no be used for it/ nor should we exposed or pay for all of the pork nancy wants / she/he/it is a unnecessary Burdon on America and should be removed from congress / actions by the same person over the last 4 years should be just cause for treason

  8. The democrats are hypocrits and the party of hate. Who, in their right minds, votes for these morons?????? We all need to pray for our beloved country. Big Tech needs to be stopped. RICO laws should be investigated as well as civil rights violations. Anti Trust laws have probably been broken. Break up that ridiculous monopoly. Rage is a symptom of dementia. We all know Joe has dementia. He wants to unite the country but calls all Trump supporters terrorists. Does he know the meaning of unite????? Don’t even get me started on the horror show Harris.

  9. Hey joe! What about your “ old girl” Piglosi bringing in covid positive people in to the chamber to vote for HER? Guess that is ok, since it is a demonrat right? Get real! She is as much to blame as the republicans!

  10. They were able to silence Trump but now are terrified that 73 million believers in the Trump principles are even more fiercely dedicated. Read history. Tyranny never has and never will succeed. People are hard-wired to prefer freedom with which to worship, raise families and improve their lives. Shut down liberty at your own peril.

  11. Communism = corruption!!
    That is what we have today with the democrats!!
    The American public needs to open their eyes and join the conservative movement!!

  12. Masks/COVID is absolutely political-demonRats want control-they are using fear to do just that. That Piglosi allowed someone known to have tested positive enter to vote is irresponsible, insane hypocritical. But hopefully after Jan 20 she will be on her way to GITMO! Masks (unless N95) are totally useless in fact you are more apt to get sick with it on!

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