Biden rolls back Trump order barring immigrants unable to afford health care coverage

President Joe Biden came into office with the clear intention of rescinding as many of his predecessor’s border and immigration policies as possible.

He has now reversed yet another directive implemented by former President Donald Trump, which prevented immigrants from obtaining a visa if they could not afford health care coverage.

“Without barring the entry of noncitizens”

The Biden administration announced on Friday that it intended to reverse the Trump order because it “does not advance the interests” of the U.S. government.

“My administration is committed to expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare,” the president added. “We can achieve that objective, however, without barring the entry of noncitizens who seek to immigrate lawfully to this country but who lack significant means or have not purchased health insurance coverage from a restrictive list of qualifying plans.”

In 2019, Trump issued a proclamation preventing immigrants deemed to represent a “burden” to the nation’s health care system from obtaining a visa.

“People who come here shouldn’t immediately be on public assistance,” said one senior Trump administration adviser said at the time. “We should bring people here who contribute and not drain resources.”

Proponents of the requirement agree it sets a troubling precedent to admit immigrants into the U.S. only to begin distributing payments to them through government assistance programs.

Ideological differences

Of course, the plan has its share of opponents who argue for compassion toward immigrant communities. This argument seems to disregard compassion toward American taxpayers who could now be on the hook for the health care costs of a much larger group of people.

Biden’s decision to rescind the Trump-era order reveals a difference in priorities between the two administrations.

For his part, Trump wanted to ensure immigrants came to the U.S. with something to offer like specialized skills and/or the means with which to support themselves.

Biden, on the other hand, seems more interested in admitting as many immigrants as possible under the guise of compassion, though skeptics believe Democrats are simply using the population expansion as a method to grow their base of voters.

The risk associated with such policies is that they will not only create a more powerful federal government or even tip the nation toward a single-payer system providing substandard health care to Americans across the board.

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  2. The absolute worst president of all time….He is a communist and does NOT care about America!!

    1. Spot on. The left’s endless corruption proves that they can never win another election without tons of fraud and cheating. They just don’t have the voters.

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  4. America land of the free. Only if you don’t pay taxes like only 23% of the country on welfare or here illegally free stuff. Already 50% of the country doesn’t pay federal income tax and the ones crossing the border now go straight on the government tit. Which a lot of these guys get better benefits better than the citizens that were born here.

  5. China Joe gotta go. He’s violating way too many parts of the Constitution, new election now. The thieves are costing us our Country. Where is the Supreme Court. MIA!

  6. Biden and Kamal both have proven clearly they have zero interest in America. They are both traitors and have shown no ability to run our country. The only think Joe can do sign whatever reversal that is set before him without a single thought because he has no brrain left!!! They all know that and have done nothing but use his position as their pawn! Pathetic for him, our country and all Americans. Both Joe and Kalmala should be immediately impeached due to the fact they cannot do thier jobs and are deseerters of America. Let’s get the show on the road Americans and make this happen right now!!!

  7. It doesn’t do any good to reply to anything! Nothing will ever be done about anything or anyone. No one has any guts any more. They just go with the flow and let the criminals and lawbreakers do what ever they want to do and they are destroying this country and they really don’t care because they might loose a cote or make some one mad. It might cost them a penny. We all Know Old dirty Joe isn’t fit to be president and the VP hasn’t enough sense to come in out of the rain and definitely isn’t capable of being the VP much less President. All she can do is stand behind Old dirty Joe with her hands clasp in front of her. The whole world is laughing at what is supposed to be the greatest country in the world and sees our feeble stumbling and mumbling old Man with dementia, and his protector standing behind him.

  8. We the People need to take our country back!!! The Bastards in the senate and house don’t give a damn about the American people. Open the border let all the ever whats n this country no vetting. But where your mask so you don’t get the covid ,What a joke these SOBs are. We will have to fight for existence.

  9. OMG, we knew that Biden and his horrible administration would destroy our country and they are and IT GOES ON AND ON AND ON every minute of every day. Every day it gets worse and now we can only hope that once these morons are gone we can turn our country around and correct all the horrific changes they have made.

  10. When!!! Are we going start demanding that the President think of our well being instead of other nation people. After all we pay to get our health care. It time to bring treason charge against the President he is declaring against the United States citizens. The time has come to start the ball rolling.

  11. Try moving to any country in the world, and be dead broke, unable to pay for medical care, housing, food, clothing, ect., and see how far you get. No other country in the world will let you do this legally!!! If you are escaping war, you may have a chance. Otherwise, be sure to have enough money to get back home.

  12. Alvino, Jesse,

    You both are right, we the people need to take our country back.
    That being said, ”who will be the leader of this movement?”
    There have been many comments made like this on several other stories.
    Yes, we are getting mad and upset with these two SOB’s that are in the highest office. However, I haven’t seen or read where someone is ready to lead this movement,… In the meantime, we just let things go on.

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