Biden says economy is ‘strong as hell’ despite data proving otherwise

President Joe Biden took a moment while eating ice cream this weekend to brag that the economy under his administration is “strong as hell.”

Yet, as Daily Wire correspondent Virginia Kruta pointed out in response, even the price of what he was holding in his hand has gone up sharply. 

“Not concerned”

Biden was seen boasting of the nation’s supposed economic prowess as he spoke to reporters at an ice cream shop in Portland, Oregon on Saturday.

“Just one more economic question,” one of the journalists said. “Are you concerned about the strength of the dollar right now?”

“I’m not concerned about the strength of the dollar, I’m concerned about the rest of the world. Does that make sense?” the president said as his mouth was partially full.

“Our economy is strong as hell,” Biden went on to insist, adding, “The internal — inflation is worldwide, it’s worse off everywhere else than it is in the United States. So the problem is a lack of economic growth and sound policy in other countries, not so much ours.”

The president began to say, “It’s worldwide inflation, that’s a consequence of,” before halting mid-sentence and then wandering off.

The data isn’t good

In fact, Kruta pointed to Consumer Price Index data published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which shows ice cream is up 13.6% over this time last year.

Ice cream is far from the only product consumers are now having to shell out more for, a fact that some social media users drew attention to.

What’s more, recent polls show most Americans do not agree with Biden’s upbeat assessment of their country’s economy. A survey published last month by Gallup found that 56% of respondents said rising prices are causing them financial hardship.