Biden says Americans who turn down work will lose unemployment benefits

President Joe Biden is giving an ultimatum to Americans currently receiving unemployment benefits.

According to Fox Business, Biden said last week that “anyone collecting unemployment” who is offered a job must take it, or risk losing their benefits.

“We’re going to make it clear to anyone collecting unemployment who is offered a suitable job they must take the job or lose their unemployment benefits,” the president said at the White House.

Biden went on to say he’d work to make it easier for businesses to hire new employees, including by forking out upwards of $350 million allocated as part of the latest federal COVID-19 relief bill, as Fox Business reported.

“They can’t find people”

Biden’s comments come just days after the Labor Department released its jobs report for the month of April — and the latest numbers didn’t exactly paint a promising picture of the president’s performance.

Just 266,000 new jobs were added in April, a far cry from experts’ predictions for the month, which suggested as many as 1.25 million could be added. Biden also fell far short of his goal of adding 2 million jobs to the U.S. economy during the first 100 days of his presidency, Breitbart noted.

Some say jobless rates remain high because of increased unemployment benefits essentially serving as incentives not to work. Accordingly, state leaders, including Missouri Gov. Mike Parson (R), are cutting off expanded benefits — coming in the form of an extra $300 per week, included in the last federal coronavirus relief package — in hopes of encouraging their constituents to head back to work.

“Despite our economy’s strong comeback, many business owners and employers across the state are still struggling, not because of COVID-19, but because they can’t find people to fill the jobs to help address this labor shortage,” Parson said Tuesday, according to the Kansas City Star.

“A lifeline”

At the federal level, GOP Sen. Roger Marshall (KS) is reportedly teaming up with other Republican lawmakers to end the extra benefits nationwide.

“While there are certainly people that needed access to increased unemployment benefits during the heart of this pandemic, we should not be in the business of creating lucrative government dependency that makes it more beneficial to stay unemployed rather than return to work,” Marshall said, as the Star reported.

Still, the president insists the extra payouts have nothing to do with April’s bleak numbers.

“We’ll insist that the law is followed with respect to benefits, but we’re not going to turn our backs on our fellow Americans,” Biden said, according to Fox Business. “Twenty-two million people lost their jobs in this pandemic, through no fault of their own. For many of those folks, unemployment benefits are a lifeline.”

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21 Responses

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  4. Who is in charge here??? It’s NOT Biden. He even admits that he should do what he is told to do, or he will get in trouble. We all know he is a puppet, but who exactly is pulling his strings??

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  5. Ok, before when it benefited your agenda you were willing to help Americans during this pandemic – NOW!! you’re denying Americans, yet still giving to any illegal $$’s, housing, social security, free transportation to anywhere they name. Why again, America is 2nd????

  6. Joe Biden made this mess. He just following what the Republican governors are doing. He is no president. He won’t close the borders and stop his disgusting acts of undoing all the good things President Trump did for America.. Joe Biden is a evil person who takes orders from Obama. Obama hates America enough though America made him a very rich man. All democrats who listen to the people in Congress should not be allowed to voted. Your just too stupid.

  7. Please, tell me what, or better can we change some. NO!!!!!!

    Conservative Institude, WHOW. Iam tired to read Your articles.

    Demorats, are in charge. Everything they have behind them. Please tell me solution? Which media is on our side. China have now thw power. money talks and pos. walks. When no one read history? Obama said let the young people smoke wheat. They dont no nothing!

  8. Does it annoy anyone else that Conservative Institute allows these scam solicitors to run their faux money-making ads on this website? Sometimes there are 6 or 7 to move through before we can get to the subject at hand! CJ, if you read these comments — please tell us why you allow this, and stop it!!!

  9. Hasn’t this been the LAW all along? Why does Joe Biden seem to think he invented the idea that – if offered a JOB, on should take it, not the benefits for…not working?!? Maybe it’s not the job one wants, but a start, either back in the world of the employed, or someone who retired, was laid off, whatever but needs to work somewhere to provide for themselves and their families.. All this “gimme-gimme” stuff looks good on paper – until we try to figure out just who will pay for it…

  10. Biden hangs that superficial carrot in front of that invisible cart and says you can’t have it unless you get a job to which you won’t get it anyway.
    Why put the carrot there in the first place?
    Who is he trying to fool, Americans are not stupid.

  11. Exactly, we don’t need some fat blowhard talking about his 7k .. I’ll bet it’s a good marxist lie 🤥

  12. Biden, you caused the problem. Is there anything you can see coming and try to prevent? It’s amazing that everything you touch turns South and ends up a mess. Well, I can’t be blamed, I voted for Trump.

  13. words, words, words. So easy to say, but will they really do it? I doubt it. How will they govern it? Sounds good Joe, but I bet you won’t follow through. You just want people to think that you care. But you have proved over and over that you don’t care for the American citizens, only the illegal immigrants that might vote for you,.

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