Report: Biden under fire for separating families at the border

President Joe Biden is leaving many activists on the left feeling betrayed as migrant children remain locked up in the very “cages” Biden promised to stop using.

According to a new report, Biden is now coming under fire for separating children from adult relatives other than their parents as he struggles to confront a growing border crisis, according to Breitbart. 

Biden separating migrant children

The report, from USA Today, addresses a rise in migration by children who arrive at the border with adults who are not their parents.

“The migrant children often arrive with a grandparent, older sibling or other relative but are separated until federal officials can confirm the accompanying adult is their relative, as required under U.S. law,” the outlet reported.

Children who are apprehended under these circumstances are classified as unaccompanied minors and sheltered separately in federal facilities. This is done to protect against trafficking, but the children can end up spending months in isolation until a sponsor or adult is vetted.

Advocates have called on the Biden administration to reduce the time children spend in these facilities.

“It really does look and feel in many ways like a parent-child separation,” said Lisa Koop, associate director of legal services at the National Immigrant Justice Center. “The trauma of the separation is very similar.”

Biden contends with reality of crisis

To Biden’s credit, this is a very tough situation, but he doesn’t have much warrant to complain after moralizing about the supposed inhumanity of Donald Trump putting “kids in cages.”

Confronted with a crisis of his own making, Biden is being forced to make some compromises with reality as he struggles to find shelter for a surge in unaccompanied children brought on by his very own far-left immigration policies.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is allowing migrant shelters for children to operate at 100 capacity, despite COVID guidance, as the number of child migrants has increased from 47 a day in early January to 321 per day.

Even still, Biden and his team are refusing to call the border a surge a crisis while bragging about their more “humane” treatment of of migrants.

“We’re going to chart our own path forward,” press secretary Jen Psaki said. “And that includes treating children with humanity and respect and ensuring they’re safe when they cross our borders.”

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25 Responses

  1. Not only is he separating them he is actually putting them into cages, Obama’s cages at that. At least Trump had like ophanages set up for the kids and he also had schools set up for them and he seen to it they had food and beds

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  3. When a person has dementia that person can’t think straight and doesn’t have the faculty’s to conduct important business . Especially being the President of the United States!

  4. Heard on FOX today the age old excuse of “he is a lifelong stutterer”! Confusing stuttering with dementia is not realistic and shouldn’t be used as an excuse. I know several individuals that deal with stuttering and they have clear thought processes.

  5. Since the liberals were willing to commit voter fruad to put these idiots in office I think it is only fair that very single liberal / democrat be required to take care of one of these kids.

    no foster care no welfare just you liberals support thee disease infested people you enabled to get here.

  6. All elderly democrats are dement and hate driven. The decisions they made are irresponsible at best. They turned America in a stinking lawless mess. And as long as our federal government is out of balance the mess will not be fixed and we the citizens will be thrown in a tailspin as we never have seen before.

  7. That comment from the press secretary bothers me. “We are going to chart our own path” That means they don’t know where the hell their going next. Does Biden still have a potty chair next to his desk in the oval office?

  8. Biden has NO clue! Where is the demonrat outrage about HIM putting kids in the cages Obama built? They piously decried President Trump for putting the kids in detention centers, but—- he made sure they had food, schooling, medical care etc. they should all be sent back across the border, not allowed to enter, close the border! Until”gropy grandpa ” can be forced to stop this insanity! He refuses to admit he F-Ed up big time opening the border to all comers! But as his mentor and puppet master Obama said” leave it to joe to F things up” and he is helping him!

  9. For all of we Americans who voted for a clear thinking and a well minded Pr esident that we did have (and who is still the USA’s president) because we did vote him in for a second term. WE should have the trust in our Supreme Court to make the best decision for all Americans and toss out, and void ALL of any orders and or any laws /forms/papers signed, by a sick and NOT clear minded , so called President !!!! Or do we have new laws now that force “WE THE PEOPLE” to abide by forced and bad judgement and sick minds? Give us a clear minded president that we DID have and who is STILL our President ! Void all and every thing that Dem’s are trying to ram down our throats again !!! We have to have clear and GOOD laws from a WELL minded PRESIDENT!!!!

  10. Biden needs to be impeached because he is braking the laws of our country. Biden should have never been elected as the president of this country. He has lost his mind and the American people know it.

    1. Impeached? Was he ever even sworn in, or did he even put his hand on our Christian bible? Did all of us see the swearing in? This could have been just a front for now, an then later when the S-i-tt hits them real hard they can always claim that he was never president any way ???!! Who knows what all they are up to to destroy America and how they are going about it! Steal, lie , just any thing to hurt America and the courts are allowing it to happen. What does bought off mean?

  11. yes we voted for our president trump for a second term. not for a biden harris team ,,,god forbid.
    in calif we have more illegals then citizens. it is scary, they hang around every corner, every alley. we need our police reinforced asap.
    we need the soldiers that are guarding the white house for no reason at all. in our neighbor hoods. plus the rioters are getting off scott free thanks to useless harris..

  12. Send all the illegals to the white house and let joe sniff them to see if they have the virus if not let him do the cooking for them with his Chinese money!!!!!

  13. How would it turn our for all of the people that are hurting over all of this garbage in our WH , and that have sleepless night’s and that are afraid for our family’s and their children after that—-if we sued all Biden, his wife , Harris, and all of that garbage that made use to fear and to affect our lives in a very negative manner, if we the people started to sue them all together as a whole, and all at once???!! My thought and I still can have them you know!

  14. Like President Trump said, “Biden has not done anything good in forty plus years.” Why has he gotten paid? Whoever wrote his check should be fired. And any other Congress or clergy that do the same. If citizens do not do a good job, they are written up or fired. Why aren’t these people?

  15. 80 million MAGA Supporters, that would be one hell of a lawsuit if we could really do it, Against gropey grandpa and his team.

  16. We LIBERALS should storm Mar-A-Lago and send The Former President of The United States on a vacation in Guantanamo. Trump could have daily waterboarding (sorry, but it will mess up Donnie’s hair) and he would be in the company of other criminals who tried to overthrow the USA government!

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