Biden signs executive order promoting sex changes for children

Joe Biden is marking “Pride Month” by giving his full endorsement to sex changes for minors, just the latest evidence that his “moderate” image on the campaign trail was a total ruse.

A disturbing executive order that Biden signed Wednesday expands access to “gender-affirming care,” a progressive euphemism for sexual reassignment therapy, and calls for a federal crackdown on the “discredited” practice of so-called “conversion therapy.”

Biden signs executive order on “trans youth”

By “conversion therapy,” Biden seems to mean virtually any effort to encourage children with gender dysphoria to accept themselves the way they were born, as author Ryan T. Anderson observed in describing Biden’s “Orwellian” language.

“This would prevent efforts to help girls identify as girls. That’s what they’re calling ‘conversion therapy.’ Meanwhile, it’ll expand efforts to give girls puberty blockers and testosterone. That’s what they’re calling ‘gender affirmation’,” Anderson said.

Biden’s order never mentions the concept of parental consent to “gender-affirming care.”

Instead, it seeks to force an agenda on families with funding for “family counseling” and calls on the Education Department to devise standard guidelines for the “inclusion” of “LGBTQI+” youth in schools.

At a signing ceremony, Biden framed “ultra-MAGA” opposition to his gender ideology — which Biden has sought to enforce by snatching money for school lunches — as extreme and boasted that his administration has “more LGBTQ+ people than any administration or every administration combined.”

Biden pushing sick agenda on kids

Even as Biden claimed to speak for parents facing “discrimination” for raising “transgender children,” Biden sent a clear message that it’s the state’s job to affirm “trans youth” and help them “transition” with or without parental consent.

Speaking to the nation’s children as if they personally belonged to him, Biden said, “You are heard. You are understood. You do belong.”

Biden seems to have no doubts about the wisdom of pushing impressionable children to make permanent changes to their bodies, nor does he seem to have even considered the possibility that children with gender dysphoria are being influenced by their environment.

The only answer, according to Biden, is to “affirm” a child’s belief that they were born the wrong way. This isn’t medical science that Biden is pushing: it’s dogma of the most radical and destructive kind. Most disturbing of all, Biden doesn’t even seem to understand what he’s promoting. He just reads the scripts he’s been given, like the good little puppet he is.

Biden: “L-G-B-T-Q-L — I, excuse me — plus Americans”

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