Biden signs ‘voter access’ executive order, attacks Republicans for trying to make voting ‘harder’

A push by Democrats to transform American elections got another lift on Sunday from President Joe Biden.

Biden signed an executive order to expand “voter access,” including voting by mail, while attacking Republicans attempting to shore up election integrity, Fox News reported. 

The order calls on federal agencies to do everything in their power to facilitate voter registration, with a particular fixation on voting by-mail, including by providing information on vote-by-mail, applications to vote-by-mail and assistance with completing them whenever possible.

“Time off to vote”

The order also calls for “time off to vote in Federal, State, local, Tribal, and territorial elections” for government employees and to help federal prisoners register to vote.

“The Attorney General shall establish procedures…to require the jails to provide educational materials related to voter registration and voting, and to facilitate voting by mail, to the extent practicable and appropriate,” the order reads.

Biden’s order also calls out “misinformation,” a loaded term for almost any information that Democrats don’t like. Censorship of certain “misinformation” like the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, which the media dismissed as Russian propaganda, played to Biden’s advantage in the November election.

It is not altogether surprising that Biden is now helping Democrats push to make the 2020 election into an annual affair.

Biden pushes H.R. 1

The race left many Americans with doubts about election integrity, thanks to the introduction of massive numbers of mail-in ballots on dubious legal grounds.

While the changes were justified as temporary accommodations because of the coronavirus pandemic, they are now being taken up by Democrats as permanent “reforms” as a battle over election procedures plays out.

As Republicans attempt to avoid a repeat of the 2020 race with more stringent voting rules, Democrats, claiming the mantle of “democracy” and “voting rights,” are pushing a sweeping bill to transform elections that critics say will destroy fairness and trust in elections.

In comments Sunday, Biden made clear that he wasn’t terribly concerned about further eroding that trust as he attacked Republicans for trying to make voting “harder” and called on the Senate to pass H.R. 1.

“This is a landmark piece of legislation that is urgently needed,” he said. “I hope the Senate does its work so I can sign it into law.”

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24 Responses

  1. If this is the path of the President and Democrats that signals our destruction, we must push back and push back harder….No more Mr. Nice Guy.
    This is still unconstitutional.
    These radicals must be stopped.
    Best to let the State Governments protect themselves for now. What’s the worse that could happen, loss of funding? HA! There’s no money anyeay.

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  3. When they get the election process sewed up so tight that there is no way to vote them out, there is only one avenue left! Keep your powder dry! You are going to need it.k

  4. What ever happened to true Americans. True now more than ever, if we want to live in a free America we have to fight back and I mean fight. Time to find some balls and stop this insanity. I will die standing before I live on my knees.

  5. All you need is to look at the state of Oregon: Since they introduced the vote by mail, NO republican has ever won a single position in congress or senate in 33 years.

  6. Also in Wa. state not even close, not even hiding it, disregarding issued laws people voted for or against depending on the way the govt wants it to be.

  7. I can’t even get packages from the USPS on time… 3 month delay on one recent package… yet Libs want to pretend the USPS is dependable enough to expand vote by mail?? Absentee ballots, with FIRM deadlines, have worked fine for several decades… what is wrong with continuing that and not trying to expand vote by mail for voters who have the ability to make it to the polls. Liberal efforts to “enhance registration and voting” without added rigor… just exacerbate the mistrust many of us have in our current voting controls.

  8. Why do we need a Congress at all since Biden rules by Executive Order!? This country won’t survive four years of this evil administration! 😡😢

  9. Not sure how to help change the way things are done? Since these democrats have a thing for knowing how to manipulate things in their favor. President Trump for the most part, tried to not do things the way they liked. They have been taking advantage of people for so long. Then someone showed the corruption. No wonder they are mad. Oh well! Do that for so long. Enough is enough. They still try and push bad stuff. Like everyone is supposed to roll over. Not me.

  10. This jerk in out of his mind. With that f–k–g pen he thinks a king. We the people are just about to the point that it is time to fight back and fight back hard. The DEMS think they can change anything they want and we will turn a blinded eye to it. Well I think not. If HR1 goes, It will be time to stand up to all of this. ant we must to something about this ASAP.

  11. Letting everyone know that it depends on what you say if your remarks will be posted or not. Mine rarely make it to posting. I won’t say anything against Biden or the witch this time let’s see.

  12. Rig the voting laws, rig the elections! Piglosi wants criminals in prison to vote, also illegals! Convicted felons loose their rights, they cannot vote, yet Piglosi is setting it up so they can! Impeach that old bag, save our country!

  13. That crazy old man stayed in his basement before and now all he wants to do is sign B.S. things into law just to make Trump’sjob harder when they reflect him and kick Joe the joke out.

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