Biden slams Columbus, while taking Columbus Day off

With his poll numbers in free fall, President Joe Biden took a break from destroying America, and the people’s trust, to relax on Columbus Day.

Even as he enjoyed the day off, Biden disparaged the man for whom it is named after in a statement that condemned the European colonization of the Americas and its “atrocities,” Breitbart reported.

“Western exploration”

Every year, Columbus Day becomes a cultural flash point as leftists agitate to replace the beloved holiday, which they say commemorates a villain who ushered in the “genocide” of Native Americans — a childishly simple view of history that nevertheless has become very fashionable in recent years.

Biden gave this propaganda his stamp of approval when he became the first president in American history to commemorate “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” and, in his comments on Columbus Day, had only stern and gloomy things to say about Columbus and other great men from the Age of Exploration.

While Biden offered some token praise for Italian-Americans, for whom Columbus Day has become a cultural touchstone, he denied the holiday’s greater significance as marking the moment Western civilization and Christianity arrived in the Americas.

Instead, he described the “Western exploration” that ultimately led to the founding of the United States as mistake, with a legacy of “atrocities,” “disease,” and “theft,” and called on Americans to reflect on this “shameful” history.

“For Native Americans, western exploration ushered in a wave of devastation: violence perpetrated against Native communities, displacement and theft of Tribal homelands, the introduction and spread of disease, and more,” the president said.

Hypocritical Biden

This isn’t the first time Biden has shared the sentiment that the European colonization of the Americas was a crime, a view widely shared today by the left. In 2015, he said that the decrease of “European stock” through “unrelenting” immigration was a “source of our strength.”

It seems like Biden can’t quite bring himself to replace Columbus Day completely, as the left clearly desires, but he’s not exactly showing any respect for Columbus or America’s heritage either.

It’s not as if Biden has been governing like a moderate, so his reluctance here is a little mystifying. He’s already opened the borders to a Third World invasion — maybe he figures it would be unwise to incite a backlash, given his current poll numbers, by ditching a tradition Americans love?

Meanwhile, as The Hill noted, Biden continues to blame COVID-19 and the unvaccinated for his lousy economy and the public’s fading trust in him. What a loser.

At any rate, the idea that Biden spent his Columbus Day in mournful prayer over America’s past is a joke. He’s a hypocrite and a used car salesman who is preoccupied with tearing down America for his own personal gain, and can’t acknowledge the achievements of men greater than himself.

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