Biden slips up, admits that $15 minimum wage is not likely to pass

President Joe Biden is quickly establishing a pattern of reneging on his campaign promises, the most recent one being a $15 federal minimum wage requirement.

Biden promised both during his campaign and after being elected to force the measure through by any means necessary, but sources close to the president reported that he admitted to a group of political leaders this week that he doesn’t think the plan will come to fruition. 

Breaking down

Leftists like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) view a minimum wage hike as non-negotiable, putting enormous pressure on Biden to follow through on promises to make the change.

However, the GOP has pushed back, citing reports that the mandate will cause massive job losses nationwide, and it appears that Biden may be capitulating to the pressure.

According to Fox Business, Biden’s comments admitting defeat came during “a meeting between Biden and a bipartisan group of mayors and governors in the oval office on Feb. 12. Biden discussed his $1.9 trillion COVID relief package, which includes a mandate to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.”

Politico first reported that an unnamed source told them that Biden told the group that it “doesn’t look like we can do it,” despite outward promises to push forward.

“I really want this in there but it just doesn’t look like we can do it because of reconciliation,” Biden told the group. “I’m not going to give up. But right now, we have to prepare for this not making it.”

Pressure from the left

Biden — and his White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki — has publicly indicated on multiple occasions that he’s not planning on “giving up” on the $15 minimum wage while privately expressing defeat.

Biden has been forced to toe the very fine line between appeasing the leftists that elected him to implement their agenda and keeping the Democrat establishment happy.

Despite his optimistic public interface, activists are beginning to see through Biden and realize that they may not be able to use him to achieve their ends the way they thought.

Union activist Terrence Wise voiced his frustrating with Biden’s inability to follow through on promises of an increased minimum wage, telling reporters that “To have it this close on the doorstep, they need to get it done. They need to feel the pressure.”

For leftist activists, paying lip service to the cause isn’t enough, and if Biden fails to push the promised wage increase through, he’s in for a world of hurt from the very same people that championed his campaign.

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7 Responses

  1. Wise to let it fail.
    Minimum wage was never intended to be household sustaining. It is more suitable for part time jobs. Lack of education (what a joke in todays schools) is the biggest setback in not earning a good wage.

    Now, enter the open floodgates at the border. What the heck is that all about Mr. Biden. Who the heck are you working for and just who is it that you are watching over and protecting. It sure as heck is NOT the American Citizens.

    Criminals, Sick and unvaccinated, Non English speaking with zero skills, and a host of other issues. Is that your way on your watch? Pack up your Kamel and ride her into the desert in some other country.

    Americans First! America First!

    We miss our REAL President.

  2. So a person with a job with the minimum wage now at $ 7.25 in Alabama & goes up to a high in Calif $14.00 ( minimum wages vary in different states but you can see them on Google ) would have the following happen. The $15.00 in Alabama would be a $7.75 increase ( a 107% raise ) while the Calif. person would get a $ 1.00 raise ( a 6.66 % raise)
    Does that seem fair & will that UNITE the country?

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  4. The truth (about this past election) WILL “out”!! I am so proud of President Trump’s holding his “cool” and not blasting off about the chicanery. “The wheel of justice grind SLOWLY but EVER SO FINE”!!!

  5. Anybody with any common sense should know that this was/is never going to happen. Seriously,$15.00/hour starting wage for flipping burgers or cooking french fries? I could see it if you were working for your city street department. I mean, you go by these guys working on fixing pot holes and you can tell who the new guy is. Four guys standing around watching one guy doing all the shoveling? The one with the shovel has the lowest seniority!

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