Biden snaps at question about business dealings

 August 13, 2023

Joe Biden snapped when a reporter dared to ask about his role in his family’s corrupt business deals.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy had asked Biden about Devon Archer, who recently confirmed that Biden met with and talked over the phone with his son’s foreign business partners.

Biden responded by barking at Doocy for asking such a “lousy” question.

“I never talked business with anybody. I knew you’d have a lousy question,” Biden snarled.

Biden snaps

When asked what makes it a lousy question, Biden said “because it’s not true” and trundled away.

Devon Archer told the House recently that Joe Biden was “the brand” that his son was selling abroad and that Biden talked to his son’s partners on speakerphone 20 times. Biden also attended two dinners with his son’s shady associates.

Biden, Archer said, provided “defensive leverage” to the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings, which paid his son a seven-figure salary for access to the Biden “brand.”

Cover up

But Biden, Democrats, and the media have ignored the substance of Archer’s testimony - seizing on Archer’s claim that Joe Biden only discussed casual subjects like the weather.

Democrat Dan Goldman (Ny.) lied to the public by claiming my Archer used the words “illusion of access” to describe what Hunter was providing. In fact, Archer said Hunter was never “overt” about peddling influence and that the mere appearance of access was valuable.

Archer also said that Burisma would have gone “out of business” without the Biden “brand” propping it up.

Strike a nerve?

While the White House continues to dismiss all of the evidence, the administration has backpedaled its denials a degree. Whereas before they said Biden had no knowledge whatsoever of his son's business, the White House now says Biden was never actively in business with his son. 

It’s a distinction without a difference, as Archer later pointed out in an interview with Tucker Carlson - calling it "categorically false" to say Biden had no role in his son's business.

“He was aware of Hunter’s business, he met with Hunter’s business partners, I mean you found a letter that illustrates that he knew me,” Archer said.

It’s revealing that Biden has no answer to Doocy’s question. Biden knows that he’s implicated by the truth, and he has been cosseted by the media for so long he can’t handle even a little scrutiny.

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