White House announces that Biden will soon hold his first solo press conference

President Joe Biden is finally going to hold his first solo press conference, Fox News reports

This information comes via White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. During a press conference that took place in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, where President Biden stopped to promote the recently-passed $1.9 trillion coronavirus bill, Psaki revealed that Biden will hold his first solo press conference on March 25th.

March 25th is next Thursday.

A new record

As USA Today reports, March 25th will be President Biden’s 64th full day in office.

According to Breitbart, one would have to go back some hundred years, to President Warren Harden, to find the last president that took this long to hold his first solo press conference.

To provide some perspective, each of the last 15 presidents has held his first solo press conference within 33 days of taking office. Each of the two most recent presidents held his first solo press conference within 27 days of taking office. Former President Donald Trump held his on his 27th day in office and Former President Barack Obama held his on his 20th day in office.

In other words, Biden has taken more than twice as long as Trump and more than three times as long as Obama to hold his first solo press conference.


The White House has been having a difficult time explaining to Americans why it is that President Biden has not held his first solo press conference.

Psaki’s main strategy has been to try to convince people that Biden is simply too busy to do so, saying that he is focused on something else, such as the coronavirus. The White House has also tried to claim that it’s not a big deal because Biden still takes some questions at times from reporters.

Many believe that what is actually going on is that Biden is being held back because of his tendency to make mistakes, especially when speaking off-script.

Earlier this month, the White House finally gave in to the growing pressure to have Biden hold a press conference. Psaki, at the time, suggested that Biden would do so by the end of March, and it appears that the administration is now going to make good on that promise.

Biden would be expected to have to answer questions on a range of hot button issues, including about the current crisis at the Southern border, which many blame on Biden’s immigration policies.

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38 Responses

      1. My most important question to ask is: Referring to the events of January 6, why were the National Guard and Capitol Police told to stay away? The US Constitution says that the responsibility for security around the US Capitol rests with the Speaker of the House. Why isn’t this addressed, and why is She still around?

    1. With you there. That moron probably hasn’t had an original thought in 78 years. take his prompter away and he’ll fall all over himself trying to make junk up and trying to make it sound truthful and authentic. Hard to believe any American actually voted for that meathead.

      1. I totally agree with you. Democrat sheep have been treated like mushrooms; they’ve been kept in the dark and fed $#!+ by MSM, who gets their programming instruction from Pelosi, Schumer, & Schiff, who get their orders from George Soros and his globalist buddies.
        Democrats are nothing but puppets; Biden controls nothing, they wanted a stooge that would take orders, and they got one.

    2. Biden will soon hold his first solo press conference On @ the 25th of March, 2021. Is that so ? Whoooaaaooo! A press conference by himself ? That alone should be enough to receive a Nobel (Woke) Prize.

  1. You mean we get to here the Babbling baboon… it’s going to be hard to watch Joe Biden pretending to be a president
    … is you going to tell us how many more jobs he’s going to destroy are we going to see a big spike with the virus because of his open borders and we all know our taxes are going to go through the roof all because this Fool’s thinks he knows what he’s doing… everybody knows he’s nothing but a puppet and he could never stand up on his own to be a president

    1. Absolutely correct Richard!
      Watching him write his name on all of those pre made up orders that he never even saw before still makes me sick. All of them were anti American.

    2. The babbling baboon sure isn’t my president. You can bet they will have dementia joe so wired that it won’t be him talking but his handlers. Those idiots haven’t discovered that we know what is really going on.


      2. Amen!! I call him diaper Joe Biden and he will NEVER be my president. I feel sorry for the grand kids and their kids with this idiot and all the other’s in the white house. Its sickening to see how its diminishing before my eyes. We need Donald Trump back NOW!!

    3. You got that right with ford f150 trucks now being made in Mexico, we need to thank ANTI-AMERICA-Joe or more recently SENILE IMIGRANT-JOE WHO IS NOT PLAYING PRESIDENT BUT AS A FAILING SENILE BUMBLING IDIOT!

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  3. This will be well rehearsed and all questions already set in stone with the sicko media playing like it is all legit and off the cuff. Got to make the China puppet look real you know. Commie news net works have their work cut out trying to make the China puppet look presidential. Good luck with that!

  4. Biden’s press conference will be a joke and scripted by Hollywood movie people. The questions will be known in advance, the reports will be told what to ask and there will not be any yelling or shouting as there there was when trump was there. I would also expect the reporters who will be there, will be ones selected by biden’s handlers as pro biden and progressive democrats. He will have the answers on the teleprompter and biden will just read them. This will be a hollywood show and a disgrace to americans.

    1. Looking forward to March 25th press conference. This should be interesting to say the least. However, some reporters are starting to get brace and actually ask decent and tough questions!! Cant stand Pskai, with her smug look and how she talks down at you, like you are an idiot!! She makes me sick.

  5. They will be pumping him up with lots of memory less medications – otherwise, he will never make it though without stuttering us to death. And all he does anyway is read a teleprompter. Nothing off the cuff like Trump used to do and which I enjoyed. And who will be writing what is on the teleprompter is another question. I’m sure it is not senile Biden writing his speech. That would be a miracle.

  6. A miracle? I don’t think God gives miracles to devils!! This poor fool has no idea what’s going on and is dumb enough to tell the American people, as he’s signing a multitude of documents, “I don’t know what this is I am signing!”But continues signing, after all THAT IIS WHAT HE WAS TOLD TO DO!!
    I doubt this idiot can use the bathroom by himself. What is also sickening, is his wife condoning this too insure she remains FIRST LADY!! She knew what shape her husband was in during the whole campaign, but did nothing to persuade him to withdraw!!

  7. This man is not worth watching he is a waste of time everthing that comes out of his mouth is bull-sh. Who in the hell vote for this man? He needs to go back were he came from China.

  8. Is jill going to stand next to him and jump in for any hard questions. Biden was selected NOT elected. Is he going to the border before this conference, probably not will have some bullsh*t answer about crisis. No transparency here!

  9. People saw this before the election that’s why Trump won the election and the Dems had to change the voting system through dominion everyone saw how bad Biden was as far as being able to maintain A thought never mind a sentence

  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣with teleprompter – note cards – and given questions in advance + press ppl hand picked
    This man is a joke along with his CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION!!!!

  11. WHICH biden will we see?

    The biden with hanging earlobes?

    Or the biden with the tapered and attached at the neck earlobe biden?

  12. I totally agree with you. Democrat sheep have been treated like mushrooms; they’ve been kept in the dark and fed $#!+ by MSM, who gets their programming instruction from Pelosi, Schumer, & Schiff, who get their orders from George Soros and his globalist buddies.
    Democrats are nothing but puppets; Biden controls nothing, they wanted a stooge that would take orders, and they got one.

    1. I’am going to watch just to see how long it takes them to cut the feed. And also to see how hopped up he is. And how long it takes for him to wind down. Like he did during the Trump debate. At the begining he was snappy at the end he was slugish and studdering three times as much as at the begining. This idiot is destroying our country with the help of the msm.

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