Biden speaks on his health in interview, offers bizarre advice to critics

While defending his cognitive ability in a recent interview about his age, President Joe Biden made a startling statement, according to a report by The Conservative Brief.

He was featured on the MSNBC program “The Sunday Show,” which is suitably named after him, when he was urged to persuade host Jonathan Capehart’s aunt Gloria to vote for him despite his advanced age.

“Well, I think Aunt Gloria should take a look, I think it’s a legitimate thing to be concerned about, anyone’s age, including mine. I think that’s totally legitimate,” the president said.

“But the best way to make a judgment is to, you know, watch me. You know, am I slowing up? Do I not have the same pace? Or, you know, and that old joke, you know – everybody talks about the new, you know, 70s, 50s, you know all that stuff,” he said.

“I’m a big believer in fate. I could get a disease tomorrow, I could, you know, drop dead tomorrow,” he said.

He then said people who do not think he has the mental ability to stay as president should “vote against me” before walking that back.

“’If they think I do, then it is fine. If not, they should vote against me- not against me, they should encourage me not to go, but that is not how I feel,” he said.

“But Jonathan, right now, knock on wood, I do not want to jinx myself, I am in good health. All of my- everything physically about me is still functioning well, so you know, and mentally too, so,” he said.

“I can’t even say the age I’m gonna be! I can’t even get it out of my mouth!” he said.

In the interview, the president was also asked how he would “protect women” if Republicans win back the House and Senate his answer was not cooperative, saying he would “veto anything they do.”

It was a continuation of the false narrative pushed by the Democratic Party that Republicans are targeting womens’ “reproductive rights.”