Biden stumbles his way through speech for Amtrak 50th anniversary

Fox News reports that President Joe Biden traveled to Philadelphia on Friday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Amtrak’s first train ride.

While there, Biden, who was reportedly known as “Amtrak Joe” for his propensity to ride the train from Delaware to D.C. for his job in the Senate, gave a brief address that, at least according to Sean Hannity, seemed to show the president getting “lost” and “struggling” to keep his story straight.

“Amtrak Joe”

During his remarks, Biden said “Amtrak wasn’t just a way of getting home” while he was a senator.

“It provided me, and I’m not joking, an entire other family — a community dedicated as a professional, and that we’ve shared milestones in my life, and I’ve been allowed to share milestones in theirs,” he said.

Biden went on to recount one occasion during which, as a senator, he was able to take the train back home on his birthday to blow out the candles on a birthday cake that his daughter had made for him. He then turned around and hopped back on the Amtrak train to make it to Washington for a vote in the upper chamber.

“If you think about it…”

Biden also told another story that, as Hannity noted, was particularly hard to follow.

The tale apparently recounted a time when Biden was vice president under former President Barack Obama.

“If you think about it, when we were, when I was vice president with Barack, he allowed me to put together a budget for Amtrak, and it had money for high-speed rail at 200 miles an hour from, from, uh — excuse me, from Charlotte, one, another line going from, in Florida down to Tampa, another line. If we had moved — we’d have that tunnel fixed in New York now. The money was there to get it done,” Biden said.

Take a look:

Plans ahead

According to Fox, “Amtrak was founded in 1971 as a for-profit operation, but from that year through 2017, taxpayers footed an $81 billion bill, and the company has never turned a profit.” Fox said the company “has traditionally relied upon annual appropriations to help pay for operations, including between $1.5 billion and nearly $2 billion in recent years.”

Now, as part of his multitrillion-dollar infrastructure proposal, the so-called American Jobs Plan, Biden is looking to put $80 billion into Amtrak and building new train routes across the country. “We have a huge opportunity here to provide fast, safe, reliable, clean transportation in this country,” the president said in his Friday talk, according to Breitbart.

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12 Responses

  1. Why in heck is Amtrak a for profit company getting appropriations form the government? Sounds kind fishy to me

    1. Where have you been ? Nothing new here.. Has been going on for years . Somehow they always manage to cover their top heavy salaries while they have their hands in the taxpayers pocket

  2. Better open up the pipelines joe!! Those trains take a lot of fuel to run all over the country!!

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  4. There again, he isn’t on Track. His Train has left the Station, but he is not sure where he is suppose to go with this. He makes no sense what so ever.

  5. Biden doesn’t know if he coming or going or if he has been already. A man in that frame of mind should not be president of the Best and smartest country in the world. I hope the people of America come to their senses before it’s to late.

  6. Amtrak is profitable? BS ! They get Govt money for the same reason Planned Parenthood does. Govt supports losers. The only answer we have to safe this country is to vote every single bum out of office, demorat or repukeican.

  7. I am truly worried about this country for the first time in my life!!! It seems we have a govt (especially our President) that is totally off base. Hopefully we will survive until midterms .

    1. We can thank all the idiots who voted for babbling Biden! They have a serious problem. They still think he’s so honest & good for the country! That babbling idiot is not going to help anyone except the illegals! It’s sickening that he chose illegals over the citizens of this country!

  8. The Conundrum

    Merely being human is to err
    Some do, others do not care

    It is imperative to toe the line
    Lest we fall into a big decline

    We must act, no time to spare

    Verse by: Ramon the Poet

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