Biden urges Americans to ‘stand together’ even as he backs partisan impeachment effort

President-elect Joe Biden made a plea this week for Americans to “stand together as a nation” while, in the same breath, giving his official stamp of approval to the impeachment of an outgoing president who has just days left in office.

According to the New York Post, Biden issued a statement Wednesday calling on the Senate to hold President Donald Trump “accountable” after the House voted to do the same earlier that day.

Biden’s latest blunder

House Democrats impeached Trump 232–197 for the second time just one week before Biden is set to be sworn in, thanks in part to the support of 10 Republicans, the Los Angeles Times noted. Under the circumstances, an impeachment trial in the Senate will not conclude before Trump’s term is over.

In his statement, Biden applauded the House for its “bipartisan” decision and condemned Trump for having incited “an armed insurrection” by his supporters at the Capitol last week.

“Today, the members of the House of Representatives exercised the powers granted to them under our Constitution and voted to impeach and hold the president accountable,” Biden said. “It was a bipartisan vote cast by members who followed the Constitution and their conscience.”

The president-elect capped off this indignant message with a rather jarring appeal to unity.

“I have often said that there is nothing we can’t do, if we do it together,” he said. “And it has never been more critical for us to stand together as a nation than right now.”

“Other urgent business”

Notably, about half of Americans, and the vast majority of Republicans, oppose impeaching Trump again, as NBC News reports. Many observers have said that the move contradicts Biden’s messaging.

At the same time, Biden and his allies are reportedly concerned that a Senate trial could overshadow the start of his presidency.

Close Biden ally Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) has suggested a 100-day pause on the impeachment proceedings so that Biden can get moving, while Biden has implored the Senate to make time for both.

In his Wednesday statement, Biden asked the Senate to “find a way to deal with their Constitutional responsibilities on impeachment” concurrently with “other urgent business,” such as addressing the coronavirus pandemic and confirming his Cabinet appointments.

“From confirmations to key posts such as Secretaries for Homeland Security, State, Defense, Treasury, and Director of National Intelligence, to getting our vaccine program on track, and to getting our economy going again,” he wrote. “Too many of our fellow Americans have suffered for too long over the past year to delay this urgent work.”

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40 Responses

  1. we the American are being evicted from our once country. Its a shome after alife in America I can not be called A North American Native .We dont exist. Thanks to our leaders who deserted Americans . Never Took the time to make us Americans A Race . Sad we dont exist.
    And to make matters worse The Goverment of The United States Has made Americans Hated around the world. All out death to Americans

    1. The envy turns to HATE because they NEVER accomplished what Donald Trump did in 4 years under warlike condition created by democrats & republican traiters!

    2. Because Biden/Harris are 2 scumbag,lowlife pieces of S–t that need to be tried for treason and then handled according to the Constitution.

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  3. That dementiated half wit couldn’t unite his hands much less the country. He needs to put masks over his ears, that’s where the heart of the so called pandemic is.

    1. We hope your right Shawn,because 75,000,000 people would like to see Creepy Joe Blow And Cumala the Ho taken down

  4. We have been deserted by the fake on the take Congress! All the leftist goons on the Republican side are showing their ugly heads once again and the true good ones are standing fast! McConnell is no surprise as he is and was just another leftist do nothing like his counter part Paul Ryan traitor in the House! They are true traitors to their voters and should have been voted OUT!

  5. After over four years investigating some Russia collusion hoax, congress refused to look into voter fraud allegations. Congress, both side, has selected the next president. The people’s vote, either party, didn’t matter and none can say with certainty that Biden is a lawfully elected president.

    1. 🐷 losi ordered the attack on the Capital through the Demoncraps goon squad, BLM and Antifa. She had a hand in it, as did George Soros, Bathouse Barry and Bejing Biden.
      The FBI knew about it the week before through the chatter on Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google. It was just another sham like the election.
      Biden is just a stooge put in place by the CCP. The FBI is now arresting the Antifa and BLM useful idiots. Legs Up Harris is probably going to bail them out, just like she did last summer.
      American patriots got wrapped up in the moment, though the Trump supporters were not the one’s destroying things. It was the Demoncraps doing the damage as always. Then they try to blame it on someone else, which is their norm.

  6. my only comment is that this whole thing about impeach Trump just few days before he leaves office is criminal, i believe that Trump did not directly order the MOB that entered the Capitol and those who did that were acting by their own ideas,
    all the destruction and looting during the BLM protest was worse, thousands of businesses were destroyed looted and burned down to the ground and nota single member of the democratic party said a word regarding what was happening,
    I don’t like Trump, but I think if the democrats want to unite the country, they should stop this impeachment process and let him go now, that will be the first step to UNITE the country

    1. If you did not like President Trump then you do not like this Country or it’s people. But with a name like yours I know where you are coming from.

      1. I agree. Trump is the only president who really loves America and its people. Too bad the demorats will destroy all of us.

      2. I agree with you completely. The name is all the explanation you need for Mr. Lalama’s dislike of arguably the greatest President in American history.

    1. There’s only a small handful of patriots who love America in our government. Seems like the rest are all Chinese sympathizers, in the pocket of the CCP. We need to start over with most everyone in our Congress and Senate. These people would sell out the country for a dollar. Too bad we don’t have a DOJ or FBI that cares any more! They’ve been bought and paid for by the CCP just like the rest of the swamp.

  7. I blame the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA for Trumps lose ,if these deep state swamp creatures would have told the honest truth 5 years ago instead of all these cover-ups the election would have turned out differently, BARR, MUELLER, STROK, COMEY ETE,ETC

  8. Really think it is time for this country to wake and get rid of the democratic party.starting With Nancy,Chuck, and Biden,also what’s her name
    Charles G.

  9. Biden wants the country to heal, but he is not spellin’ it like that. Biden spells it heel. You know, the command you give your unruly dog when it acts up!!

  10. Joe Biden took millions of dollars from China as a bribe when he was Vice President, and now his son who was broke and addicted to drugs was paid millions of dollars from China to Share with the big man also a bribe. Joe was a D student in college this man is not fit to be a leader of anything. Joe will be declared unfit after a year in office and then the Vice President will take over, that will be a disaster.

  11. Then Joe , you need to get Pelosi out of office . Which i do not think you could do . But she is going to take you down with her. TO MANY LIES. TO MUCH FRAUD. YOU guys have tried to impeach President Trump twice now and they where both Lies . You want us to work together? How , you just keep tearing us apart. LIES LIES and then more lies .

  12. I would never stand for this dementia ridden man who is being lead by the nose by the communist Democrat’s party! He also a corrupt Politian who is owned by China to keep getting $$$$ for himself & his Brother & son Hunter! They will sell us out for $$$$$$ in a minute!

  13. I left a lengthy response, lets see if they post it, or silence me like the rest of big tech.
    If I were to write about kill whitey or death to america, I bet there would be no censorship at all. but when you defend Our President, or present facts……..
    muy no bueno

  14. I think if nothing else Trump’s leaving office is yes very sad, but I want him to know he is leaving as one of the best Presidents we ever had. They say 75 million voted for him I say if they had counted right it would be more like 90+
    million either way President Trump you were loved for doing your JOB & exactly what you said when you campaigned I don’t remember any other President doing that in my 65 years. Also it is obvious that I am not the only one who thinks you did a great job. No honey did not flow from your mouth, you told it like it was, sometimes the truth was shocking but I thank you for being honest even when I didn’t want to hear it or believe it. If you or your family ever runs again for office I know where there are 90+million votes waiting for you. God Bless You Sir & Your Family!

    1. Great post Sharon. I agree with everything you said about the best President I have ever voted for (and there are a lot…I’m 76 years old). God bless you President Trump. Come back for another 4 years. We the people (most of us) love you and need you. God Bless you and your family. Dianne

  15. So slow Joe wants to unite the country! Well Joe half the country is united but it’s not for you. You and your criminal son Hunter have taken millions of dollars in bribes from the Ukraine, China and other countries. You are also the one who is allowing thousands of people free entry from Venezuela, Mexico and China to enter this country. Tell me Joe are they Drug Dealers, Murders, Pedophiles’? You don’t know or care do you Joe? You know as well as I do YOU DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION. So here’s the skinny we’re going to make your life a living hell just like you did the real President Donald Trump. So fasten your seatbelt and be prepared for a rough ride.

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