Biden stumbles repeatedly as he tries to identify WWII-era War Production Board during CNN town hall

During a televised appearance on CNN’s coronavirus town hall this week, Democrat presidential candidate and presumptive nominee Joe Biden stumbled over his words repeatedly while trying to explain his position on the coronavirus outbreak and President Donald Trump’s response. 

Former Vice President Biden appeared to endorse policies similar to former President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s during World War II, including a “pandemic production board.”

“You know, there’s a, uh — during World War II, you know, Roosevelt came up with a thing that, uh, you know, was totally different than a, than the, you know, he called it, you know, the, World War II, he had the war … the war production board,” Biden said, according to National Review. Watch:


Biden struggles for coherence

Why are Republicans being criticized for questioning Biden’s mental fitness and competence to become the president of the United States?

Better questions: Why are Democrats not questioning it? Are they really going with this guy as the nominee?

How much worse do the gaffes and stumbles have to get before Democrats concede that Biden doesn’t have what it takes to lead the world’s foremost superpower? And maybe most importantly: What are party leaders going to do when it gets to that point?

I’m not entirely sure how Biden — at almost 80 and increasingly incoherent — became the best Democrats could put up as a presidential candidate. I fear that he may not even make it to Inauguration Day at the rate he seems to be deteriorating, but who will take over when the placeholder can’t do it anymore? It’s a scary thought.

Coronavirus exacerbating perceptions

It’s been over a month since candidates have been able to hold in-person campaign events, and in that time Biden has been largely absent.

While Biden was making plenty of gaffes during his daily campaign appearances, he at least had the excuse that he just didn’t plan his comments.

Now, he has almost unlimited time to rehearse. And still, he is a constant gaffe machine. Biden even coughed into his hand on camera in a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

While I don’t think Biden has the momentum to win in November, he sure seems to have a lot of Democrats willing to vote for him. Their blind devotion would be scary if they had a majority of voters overall, but maybe voters are just looking for the best person to sacrifice to the inevitability of a Trump re-election.

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