Biden campaign virtual town hall suffers technical difficulties, gaffes

Democrat presidential front-runner Joe Biden’s first virtual campaign event in Illinois was a disaster filled with technical problems and, of course, more gaffes by the candidate himself, according to Breitbart.

Former Vice President Biden tried to take his campaign virtual after in-person rallies and campaign events were canceled this week, but it looks like he really didn’t do himself any favors.

Not only did the event start three hours late, but it was also plagued by a series of technical problems, Breitbart reported. Phone calls from voters either dropped off or couldn’t be heard, and the Facebook Live stream cut off after only four minutes.

But the technical difficulties weren’t even the worst part of the entire experience. In a span of between four and five minutes, Biden continued to demonstrate what appears to be ongoing cognitive decline.

Two years until inauguration?

During the speech, when discussing his plans for the health care system, Biden said, “Even I can’t do that for another two years — another year, between now and November…or actually, January…  But to be covered.”


Biden lost track of when the election was going to take place? It makes one wonder how he will be able to manage the complexities of the presidency if he can’t keep basic dates and timelines straight.

Then, when responding to a caller’s question concerning the protection of endangered species, Biden walked out of the camera frame as though he was unaware he was on a live feed, Fox News reported. The stream shifted to display a campaign while the candidate was off-screen.

Gaffes and angry outbursts

This awkward display came after Biden shouted and cursed at a construction worker earlier in the week who asked him a question about gun control during a Michigan campaign stop, The Hill noted.

Remember, this is the man Democrats want to have access to the nuclear codes. Voters really need to consider what might happen if and when Biden were to have more of these irrational sundowning moments while occupying the Oval Office.

But the media establishment is still choosing to ignore Biden’s mental state as a serious issue in a desperate attempt to get a Democrat — apparently any Democrat — into office. The Verge and CNN both covered the technical difficulties that plagued livestreaming event but completely omitted Biden’s gaffe about the election timeline or his shaky performance in general.

Biden is clearly unfit to be president of the United States, and it’s a profound disservice to the country for Democrats to keep pretending otherwise. If they really think enough voters are going to overlook his obvious mental decline and propel him into office, they will likely be very surprised come November.

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