Biden suggests supply chain is simply too ‘complex’ for ordinary Americans to grasp

Throughout much of his career in public office, President Joe Biden has worked to cultivate the persona of a compassionate, grandfatherly figure.

In light of his recent disparaging remarks about Americans who are blaming him for exacerbating the current supply-chain interruptions, some might say he is actually a snarky and condescending jerk. 

“These supply chains are complex”

As Fox News reported, Biden has taken to describing average Americans as too dumb to understand the complexities of the issue.

During a speech on Wednesday at the Port of Baltimore in Maryland, the president addressed the global supply chain crunch that has contributed to higher prices and empty shelves across various sectors of the economy.

“You hear a lot about the supply chains in the news, but, frankly, not a lot of people are clear — or have a clear understanding, whether they have a Ph.D. or they didn’t go to school, about how a supply chain works,” he said. “It’s easy to talk about it, but what’s the impact on the economy, let alone how to fix it?”

Biden further talked down to his detractors by describing the “incredibly complex” factors at play, which he offered to break down for easier comprehension.

“In simple terms, a supply chain is just the journey that a product takes to get to your doorstep: raw materials plus labor, assembly, shipping — everything it takes to create the finished product,” he added. “These supply chains are complex.”

“They’re smart people”

That was not the first time he had expressed an assumption that Americans were ill-informed on the topic. Late last week, he offered a similar take during remarks celebrating the passage of the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Biden shifted to the topic of supply chains in an apparent effort to deflect from a reporter’s question concerning criticism from a fellow Democrat.

“What, like, for example, if I had, if we were all going out and having lunch together and I said, ‘Let’s ask whoever the, whoever is at the next table — no matter how, what restaurant we’re in — have them explain the supply chain to us,'” the president said. “You think they’d understand what we’re talking about?”

Although he went on to note that “they’re smart people,” Biden doubled down by describing the underlying issue as too “complicated” and “confusing” for the average American to understand.

While it is true that the deeply interconnected global supply chain is rather complex, Biden certainly does not seem to be doing his popularity any favors by continually talking down to his fellow Americans.

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