Biden supports COVID-19 relief bill, touts massive aid for foreign citizens

Joe Biden is not hiding the fact that he plans defy President Donald Trump’s “America first” foreign policy platform as president.

According to a recent report from the New York Post, the former vice president expressed satisfaction with the legislative branch’s latest COVID-19 relief bill, asserting his support for its intention to aid foreign nations.

“Wasteful and unnecessary items”

Biden’s remarks came in the wake of a congressional vote to approve the stimulus package in conjunction with an omnibus spending bill.

The $900 billion proposal includes direct payments of $600 per individual or $1,200 per couple. An additional $600 was approved for each dependent.

Of course, critics pointed to a hefty amount of foreign aid as an unnecessary inclusion in the bill meant to assist Americans struggling through the ongoing public health crisis.

Bipartisan opprobrium including a number of elected officials who took issue with the government sending taxpayer funds abroad — and President Donald Trump reacted with a threat to veto the bill.

For now, according to The Washington Times, the president is hoping lawmakers will make two specific changes to the proposal: increase the individual direct payments to $2,000 and eliminate “wasteful and unnecessary items” included in it.

“Congress did its job this week”

The response has sent Congress into turmoil as lawmakers aim to prevent a government shutdown. In addition to divisions between the parties, the issue has sparked intraparty squabbles between the disparate wings of the Democratic and GOP caucuses.

Biden, however, has weighed in with his support, asserting: “Congress did its job this week.”

But he didn’t stop there: according to Breitbart, Biden signaled his support for aid to foreign nationals who have not yet been approved for asylum.

In a tweet this week, Buzzfeed’s Adolfo Flores explained that the Democrat’s “team also said that they plan on providing funding to improve shelter and humanitarian assistance to immigrants waiting in northern Mexico, as well as provide COVID-19 testing to ensure people presenting at [points of entry] have a negative test before being processed.”

While many Trump supporters see the president’s position as evidence that he is prioritizing Americans’ interests, Biden’s take has led critics to assert that he is looking to benefit foreigners even as U.S. citizens continue to struggle.

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