Biden questions legitimacy of Supreme Court by denouncing it as mere ‘advocacy group’

Throughout former President Donald Trump’s tenure in office, the American people were reliably and repeatedly told by the media that any sort of criticism of the nation’s foundational institutions, such as the Supreme Court, was nothing short of an un-American attack on democracy itself.

That abruptly changed after President Joe Biden entered office, as the media now cheers and amplifies the current president’s critical attacks on the fundamental legitimacy of the Supreme Court, RedState reported.

Indeed, the very same Democrat-aligned media that once decried even a sideways glance at the Supreme Court from Trump are now extolling Biden’s assertions that the nation’s highest court is now an illegitimate institution that must be altered politically.

Biden suggests Supreme Court is illegitimate

President Biden on Tuesday delivered remarks via teleconference for a virtual fundraiser on behalf of Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-DE) in support of her re-election to the House in November.

Biden ran through a litany of supposed accomplishments for his administration and the Democrat-controlled House over the past two years and warned of how a future Republican majority would reverse or squander what had been achieved.

As has become typical, his rhetoric went so far as to claim that there was “so much at stake” in November and that the fundamentals of democracy were at grave risk if the GOP were to control Congress.

“So, I view this — this off-year election as one of the most important elections that I’ve been engaged in, because a lot can change because the institutions have changed,” Biden said. “The Supreme Court is more of an advocacy group these days than it is a — evenhanded about it.”

Biden doesn’t understand the purpose of the court

RedState, recalling the prior furious denouncements of any sort of criticism aimed at the Supreme Court, observed that Biden was “attacking the very legitimacy of the Court because they have made decisions that he and the Democrats don’t like.”

“His comments reveal he doesn’t even understand the purpose of the Court or doesn’t care about it. The purpose of the Court isn’t to be politically ‘even-handed.’ It’s supposed to be to interpret the law according to the Constitution,” the outlet continued. “It’s specifically not supposed to be about politics or being ‘even-handed.’ It’s about the rule of law.”

“When you undermine the rule of law, or in Biden’s case not even understand it, how can you uphold the Constitution according to your oath?” RedState added.

Biden has repeatedly attacked the Supreme Court’s legitimacy

Of course, this is far from the first time that Biden has, in some form or fashion, sharply criticized and questioned the legitimacy of the Supreme Court when it renders decisions that upset the Democratic agenda — to say nothing of his flirting with the idea of “court-packing” by expanding the size of the bench with additional Democrat-appointed justices.

Indeed, just a few months ago, Biden delivered hyper-critical remarks or statements in several instances — the court limiting the power of the EPA, overturning federal abortion rights, and striking down restrictive gun control, as just a few examples — that, if uttered by Trump, would have been ferociously denounced by Democrats and the media as grotesque assaults on the validity of the high court, but are instead heralded and further built upon because they came from Biden.