Biden suspends top aide for reportedly threatening to ‘destroy’ Politico reporter

President Joe Biden has promised to restore decency to the White House, specifically vowing to fire staffers who treat others with disrespect.

One top White House official appears to have forced Biden to break that promise, though, according to reports alleging that he threatened a Politico reporter during an exchange last month.

“I will destroy you”

The backlash against TJ Ducklo, the deputy White House press secretary, stems from an encounter with Tara Palmeri, who had been reporting on his relationship with Axios reporter Alexi McCammond.

When the Politico reporter reached out to McCammond for comment and one of Palmeri’s male colleagues similarly contacted Ducklo, the Biden aide allegedly launched a series of verbal attacks against Palmeri that have since been characterized by “misogynistic” and “derogatory” in a report from Vanity Fair.

“I will destroy you,” Ducklo reportedly told Palmeri, who allegedly went on to use profane language in asserting that the female reporter was upset that a man was dating McCammond instead of her.

As Vanity Fair noted, Palmeri had no prior relationship with the Axios reporter and had been assigned the story to research and write.

The Biden White House soon caught wind of the incident, determining that Ducklo would be suspended one week without pay and that he would not be assigned to work with any other Politico reporters going forward.

“No ifs, ands, or buts”

Of course, critics pointed out that the reprimand appears to have fallen far short of a vow Biden made just one day after he was inaugurated last month.

“I am not joking when I say this…if you ever work with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect…talk down to someone, I promise you I will fire you on the spot…on the spot,” the president said at the time, according to reports. “No ifs, ands, or buts.”

Beyond the criticism of Ducklo’s comments and the relatively light consequences he paid for them, it remains unclear why he was even upset about Palmeri’s reporting in the first place.

After all, People published its own article on the matter earlier this week, which indicated that both Ducklo and McCammond reported their relationship to their respective bosses in November and the situation was not a secret.

According to that article, McCammond had been reassigned from covering the president to a beat involving other progressives in D.C. to avoid a potential conflict. Everyone involved in the arrangement was reportedly satisfied, which leaves an unanswered question regarding Ducklo’s alleged temper tantrum against a reporter merely attempting to do her job.

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11 Responses

  1. This is disgusting Biden has lied and gone back on his word in every instance of his promises to make this country better as his son racks in the money and Biden buddies up to China and Russia. The only ones to gain from the XL pipeline being shut down. I hope they start impeachment processes on Biden & Karmala ASAP!

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  3. Hope Biden can remember where the toilet is because he cannot remember what he said 24 hours before. Kamala is holding his hand, tellng him what to do, when to eat, when to go potty, when to sell out the country so he can be out of the WH on medical and she gets to sit in the chair with Peluci looking over her shoulder.

    This country has gone to hell. We have let certain people come in and release bad virusis, it was done on purpose because the did not think Trump could get help so quick, the governor of NY signed a couple million death sentences sending healthy elderly to the nursing homes, but the governor said he did not tell, which he really did on TV, in order to get Trump gone.

  4. Whoa Biden is sooo tuff. Didn’t he say that anyone caught in this type of behavior would be immediately fired? Yes he did but I guess he has changed his tune. What a lying POS. Aready there is conflict in this illegitimate administration…no.surprise. Lets now see if he comes to the defense of slimeball Coumo. I bet Coumo has a lot of dirt on Biden, Piglosi and the rest of DC scum. This should be interesting folks.

  5. What has been done to Donald J. Trump will never go unnoticed. He should received several awards, which tells us everything! Hate will not win in the end, Love does, so suck that up your windpipe Piglosi and gang: )

  6. Biden should have never been the president of this country. He will not follow through on any of the things he has stated he would do. All he is lying to the American people like he always dose. He is the one who should be impeached.

  7. Promises made, promises broken,, that is par for the course with Biden…empty
    meaningless words. We are in for much of the same for the next four years.

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