Joe Biden tries to take credit for vaccine during prime-time address

It’s not uncommon for presidents to blame the failures of their administration as being “inherited” from their predecessors. President Joe Biden, however, is attempting to do just the opposite.

Biden is now trying to take credit for the speedy manufacturing and distribution of coronavirus vaccines, despite the fact that the vaccines were created — and the plan for distributing them was developed — under former President Donald Trump, Breitbart reported

“All the work we’ve done”

On Thursday, Biden delivered his first prime-time address to mark the one-year anniversary of the coronavirus shutdowns implemented in the United States.

“Two months ago, this country didn’t have nearly enough vaccine supply to vaccinate all or ever near all of the American people, public,” the president said, according to Breitbart.

Biden said there will “soon” be enough vaccines to vaccinate all American adults, and claimed credit for this achievement.

“Now because of all the work we’ve done, we’ll have enough vaccine supply for all adults in America by the end of May,” Biden said. “That’s months ahead of schedule.”

He also restated his goal of being able to administer one million coronavirus vaccines per day in the first 100 days of his administration, saying that we’re “not only going to meet that goal, we’re going to beat that goal.”

The facts

Biden’s statements are misleading at best and at worst, flat-out lies.

It was because of Operation Warp Speed, developed under the Trump administration’s leadership, that the United States developed a vaccine as quickly as it did. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were not approved until after the 2020 election, a delay that many, including Trump, believe was purely political.

Nevertheless, as soon as the vaccines were approved, the Trump administration moved to get them distributed as quickly as possible.

In December, the federal Department of Health and Human Service purchased hundreds of millions of doses from Pfizer. By the time that Trump left office on Jan. 20, 983,000 doses were being distributed daily, meaning the Trump administration was already 98.3% of the way to Biden’s goal of administering one million coronavirus shots per day, according to Bloomberg.

Time will tell what else Trump accomplished that Biden will try to take credit for.

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34 Responses

    1. That is what Democrats do. Take credit for developments by other people. Another example was the credit taken for creating the internet.


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  3. Then be held accountable for them ones who took the vaccine and died. Trump wasn’t talking about a vaccine, vaccine=army saving the children, no need for the vaccine its been about population control by Gates and Fauci! Wake up its a scare tactic the vaccine kills.

  4. We can now add liar to the crazy,traitor Joe line up. His people are exposing him to these ridiculous things to use against him when they have him removed from office. Trump did what he said.

  5. Wake the f*** up buddy. You had nothing to do with the vaccine. In fact, you had your both treatments before you took office. What a liar. He is great at that. He has done nothing he promised to do in his platform to become President. He, and the Democratic party are all fakes, phony’s and frauds. They all took their oath’s in office and doing exactly what they are not supposed to do to protect and defend our Constitution. I wish some of these Trump Haters wake up and see when they go to the gas pump and their electric and heating bills go up that they are not for the American people at all. It’s just for the radical agenda’s are they working. This is all AOC, Pelosi and Schumer’s doing’s. It’s time they reign in their congressional party and do what they are supposed to be doing. What is best for their constituents. Not their pocket books. They should also be arrested and charged with what they are doing with our Children. They should all be in School, NOW. No excuses from Biden or any Teacher’s Union. Every parent should sue him and the Unions for not bring them back.

  6. Drain the swamp. Trump deserves his seat back now so he can help us get back what those evil people in the white house are doing to America.

  7. Are we sure that Stacy Abrams is the the writer of King Joe’s speeches. It looks like W.W.W. Peloisi and Junk yard Chuck are his advisors. Most of the current bills coming from the House are very anti-american . They seem to want to take away the rights of the general public and give them to the elite and themselves. The general public is only informed of the bright spots of the bill and not or miss informed of the rest. Its seems like painting cow chips a pretty color Remeber cow chips will always be cow chips and calling something that they are not.

  8. Wishful thinking on Biden’s part. We all know President Trump deserves all the credit for the vaccine and much more. Deplorables are at peace with that. Thank you President Trump.

  9. As Giz said, Thank you, President Trump for all you’ve done for America, and which Biden & the CCP are now trying to erase from history! TRUMP 2024! MAGA!

  10. In what hallway did he make his speech? No audience ever appeared! Was he just speaking to the wall? That would have been appropriate for the speech he read! And why was there only one worn out American flag tucked way back in the farthest corner of that hallway? Did he forget who he was supposed to be representing?

  11. HA, HA, HA, 47 years and still nothing ” ORIGINAL ” to show for it! ALL THE COVID 19 WORK WAS DONE UNDER TRUMP! LUCIFER JOE IS ” PLAGERIZING AGAIN “

  12. He even got his shots before he was even sworn into the office of President!
    I guess he doesn’t remember that either. He seems to know only what the papers or teleprompter reads that are in front of him and if that information is wrong Joe doesn’t know it. I would guess that after giving a talk, wait 5 minutes or less and ask him what he just said and he would not have a clue.

    1. No, he left immediately after they shut down his teleprompter & earphones, so there was no way to ask him anything 5 minutes later. Like that cast he had on his foot a while back when he said he tripped over his dog! Actually, Chomp probably bit his leg. I doubt that lying Joe has ever had a dog before – dogs apparently don’t like him either!

  13. Biden is a brainless and shameless POS that should be in prison along with his POS son. Nothing is ever going to be good for America until We the people put everybody in prison that’s involved in this conspiracy to destroy Trump and cheat in our elections . And the list of Traitors is growing bigger everyday. Justice is so slow in America that we all might die before anyone goes to prison.

  14. No Joe this is one you are not going to take credit for it is all TRUMP who did everything right, so fare the part that BIDEB & THE DEMOCRATS have done is nothing but a DEASTER, can’t make appointments on line without it crashing not enough vaccines, Biden & His group of stupid Dems. have made this a night mare for many so they can keep us locked down. Such CRIMINALS you disgust me!!

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