NY Times report confirms rumors about Biden’s quick temper and profane outbursts

President Joe Biden is portrayed by the media as an affable grandfatherly figure brimming with compassion with nary a cross word for anyone.

Behind the scenes, however, Biden is one who is prone to losing his temper and lashing out with sharp words against those who disagree with him, Breitbart reported.

The reality of Biden’s quick temper and use of profanity was readily apparent on several occasions throughout the 2020 Democratic primary and presidential campaign seasons, to those who paid attention and looked beyond the glossy media coverage.

Biden’s profane outbursts of frustration

This new report regarding Biden’s temper and profanity-laced outbursts came from, surprisingly enough, a detailed profile piece in The New York Times.

That piece asserted that behind Biden’s “folksy demeanor” was a man with a “short fuse” who could explode at any moment on aides and staffers.

The report noted that Biden demands that he be fully briefed on the details of a particular policy decision being considered, yet, when presented with too many details, such as too many acronyms or intricate inner-workings of a policy, he will suddenly “snap” and let loose an “outburst of frustration, often laced with profanity.”

Those alleged displays of frustrated impatience with aides and staffers reportedly come as Biden himself is said to take several days or even weeks to make a decision on any given topic, often going back and forth as he “second-guesses himself and others.”

The Times did clarify that Biden doesn’t explode in “fits of rage” as former President Donald Trump allegedly did, nor is Biden perpetually consumed with “smoldering anger” and “deep disappointment” like former President Barack Obama, but he was described as someone who was quick to snap at those who tried his patience or even simply hang up on somebody who he believed was wasting his time.

Report confirms speculation

While these revelations may be surprising to Americans who are only familiar with the carefully curated clips of the president presented by cable news outlets, they aren’t surprising to engaged political observers who have seen Biden’s temper flare in the past.

Reuters reported in February last year on the “tenderness and temper” that then-candidate Biden displayed on the campaign trail, such as when he called a young woman in New Hampshire a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” or called an Iowa voter a “damn liar” or encouraged voters with critical questions to go vote for someone else.

Business Insider similarly reported in March 2020 that Biden, when confronted about his support for unconstitutional gun control, told a union worker he was “full of s***.” Biden also called a critical Iowa voter “fat” and challenged him to do push ups, and yelled at and questioned the intelligence of others with tough questions for him.

Those who have been paying attention over the past few years will undoubtedly recall those examples and others well. Those who only get their news from The New York Times, however, may be genuinely shocked to learn that Biden isn’t always the compassionate unifier they were led to believe, but is instead a quick-tempered and profanity-prone impatient man who hates to be challenged.

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  3. Joe Biden when are you going to listen to your handlers, you are deaf to any critizen you don’t follow the laws laid out by your peers who know s lot more than you do and get led around by a women wo doesn’t know as much as you do, so far your batting average is 0

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  5. High time for someone in CHARGE to remove Biden! He is not in control and making a mockery of OUR Nation!!
    The man is senile! How much damage to OUR country does he have to do. before someone with authority steps in?????
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  7. President Biden is SOOO far over his head and all tied up in politics that it almost (ALMOST) makes one feel sorry for him. Actions have CONSEQUENCES and he is in a consequential situation!!

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