Biden to send US tanks to Ukraine despite threats of 'World War III'

 February 1, 2023

President Joe Biden and his White House handlers must be extremely desperate to take the spotlight away from his multiple scandals, as it looks like he's ready and willing to fire up World War III with no issue.

According to Breitbart, Biden announced last week that he authorized the transfer of 31 M1 Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine to bolster the nation's defense against what many believe to be an upcoming Russian offensive.

However, his decision, which is not only costly, but also a clear escalation by America, completely contradicts what he said last year.

He warned the press at a news conference that sending American equipment like jets and tanks to Ukraine would kick off World War III.

We remember

"Biden last year: 'The idea that we’re going to send in...planes and tanks and trains going in with American pilots and American crews — just understand, don’t kid yourself, no matter what y’all say, that’s called World War III,'" Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) tweeted.

Republicans from both chambers expressed dire concerns over the move to send Ukraine US tanks, especially given the fact that Russia is an unhinged nuclear power.

"Given that (1) we’re giving Ukraine weapons to use against Russia, (2) Russia has an abundance of nukes, and (3) Russia is increasingly expressing hostility toward us, at what point should we worry that our arms deliveries might prompt Russia to attack us?" Utah Republican Sen. Mike Lee asked.

Other high-profile Republicans and commentators echoed the same sentiment.

What if it were Trump?

One can only imagine the backlash and 24/7 breaking news coverage if former President Donald Trump, or any Republican president for that matter, authorized the same tank transfer to a nuclear, insane Russian adversary.

Instead of complete media silence, it would be an absolute frenzy and Trump would have honestly probably been impeached for a third time.

But since it's Biden making the call, a man who many doubt can literally tie his own shoes, somehow it's ok.

Only time will tell if sending Ukraine our very expensive and complex tanks, which require American training to use and maintain, will set off the next World War.

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