Biden January 6 speech, Trump response ignore truths about 2020 election

When President Joe Biden gave a January 6 anniversary speech accusing former President Donald Trump of lying about the 2020 election being rigged and Trump responded that it was, both of them ignored several truths about the election that have continued to bother many Americans in the 14 months since it took place.

Biden said in the speech that Trump wanted “power” and his own interest over the country’s interests. “He can’t accept that he lost,” Biden argued, and added that Trump supporters are “trying to rewrite history.”

In response, Trump said the “big lie” was the election itself and not the claims that it was “rigged” against him by the media and vote fraud.

“They got away with something, and it is leading to our Country’s destruction,” Trump counter-argued.

Not fair

But let’s look at what we know about the 2020 election and how that played into the events of January 6.

What Democrats want to obscure by talking about the “big lie” and January 6 is that the 2020 election was rotten, and everyone knows it. COVID-loosened voting rules and Big Tech censorship were responsible for Biden’s “win,” and there are still ongoing investigations into whether there were enough illegal voting in key states like Georgia to have changed the electoral count in Trump’s favor.

Democrats were happy to take advantage of favorable circumstances and install Biden in office as a puppet, and some Republicans and their more extreme clingers-on vented their anger at the injustice for a brief period last January 6, for which many of them have now been in jail far longer than the much more violent BLM protesters ever were and far longer than their behavior would normally warrant.

In order to try to shut up the remaining opposition, Democrats have blown the January 6 Capitol breach out of proportion, calling it an “insurrection” or a “violent terrorist attack” and pretending it was actually a coup attempt rather than an ill-timed temper tantrum.

Not right

But deep down, many Americans still know something wasn’t right about the election, and meanwhile, Democrats are trying to double down on the 2020 election changes at the federal level so they can try to win more elections unfairly in the future.

These right-thinking Americans may not believe all of Trump’s voter fraud and “rigged election” claims, but they know Trump would be president right now if the election had been done fairly and honestly, without ballot harvesting and Twitter banning news stories that might have harmed Biden in the final weeks–news stories that were well verified at the time and later.

It’s hard not to look at everything that has happened in the country over the last year under Biden–runaway inflation, skyrocketing energy prices, two million illegal immigrants coming across the border, and a botched Afghanistan withdrawal for starters–and think about how it shouldn’t have happened that way because Trump should be president right now under a fair system.

When you strip away all the name-calling and finger-pointing and heightened rhetoric on both sides, the truth that remains is that things are not how they should be in the United States today, and there’s really only one place to look to for why this is so.

And it doesn’t have anything to do with Donald Trump, no matter how many times Biden tries to evoke his name in speeches.

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