‘Unwarranted’: Biden throws out Trump’s emergency declaration at US-Mexico border

In an unsurprising move, President Joe Biden canceled the national emergency declaration on the southern border that former President Donald Trump issued to facilitate the construction of his famed border wall.

According to Newsmax, Biden confirmed the decision to reverse Trump’s “unwarranted” declaration in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Thursday, nearly two years after the order was first issued.

Trump’s emergency declaration

Trump issued the emergency declaration in February 2019 after a standoff with Pelosi and then-Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) over funding for the border wall that precipitated the longest federal government shutdown in history.

The declaration allowed Trump to divert more than $6 billion from the Pentagon and Treasury to build the wall after he secured only $1.375 billion from Congress, Politico noted.

At the time, Pelosi and Schumer said that Trump was trying to “shred the Constitution” and that his order would face numerous challenges, according to Reuters.

Now, with Biden in power, Democrats are piecing the Constitution back together — as they understand it, anyway — with a spree of controversial executive orders undoing Trump’s agenda. And of course, they haven’t neglected to target his signature campaign promise.

Nearly two years after Trump’s proclamation, Biden reported to Pelosi that he had rescinded any further funding for the wall. “I have also announced that it shall be the policy of my Administration that no more American taxpayer dollars be diverted to construct a border wall, and that I am directing a careful review of all resources appropriated or redirected to that end,” the president wrote in his letter.

Biden moving aggressively

According to Fox News, Trump built about 450 miles of wall during his tenure in the White House.

Although construction will stop, Biden is leaving some 3,600 troops at the border to assist officials until the end of the fiscal year, Politico reports. A separate group of 600 troops sent to the border because of the coronavirus will leave in March.

Notably, Biden had already paused construction on the wall on his first day in office, just one piece of a sharply partisan agenda taking a hatchet to Trump’s no-nonsense approach on immigration and border security.

Biden is also calling for some 11 million illegal immigrants to receive citizenship and he has sought to pause deportations, among other steps, although most migrants at the border will be turned away for now under a pandemic-related policy, Title 42, as USA Today notes.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has told would-be migrants that “now is not the time to come” as critics warn that Biden is encouraging a surge at the border with his lax agenda, according to Fox.

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38 Responses

  1. I don’t know about New Mexico, Arizona, and California, but illegal aliens attempting to cross the Rio Grande in Texas are going to find a very inhospitable welcome to the United States.

    There’s lots and lots of empty land out in West Texas.

    1. you are so right.bidens needs to be stop he’s indanger all of us especially our grand kids what will they have by the time biden gets thru,somebody needs to get this ole man who’s mental and put him in a mental hosp.

      1. agree with that totally! He should be joined with Obama, Hillary, Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Pelosi, Walters, Warren, AOC +3, Rice, and the newest traitor, Cuomo!

  2. However, they could easily come to Texas from CA once over the boarder. So don’t think Texas is safe as you might think.

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    1. Maybe Biden will let them stay in his basement and with Pelosi in her California winery they will pick grapes for her

      1. No, no, no……..Pelousy had illegals removed by the police when they set up camp in her front yard a few years ago !!!

    2. If by “Washington”, you mean DC, I’m all for it. However, we in WA state already have MORE THAN ENOUGH illegals! But they can go to Olympia to keep crappy inslee & the rest of the demoncraps company, if there’s a guarantee they won’t cross the Cascades. Doubtful on that, though, because HERE is where all the farm/orchard work is… GO AWAY!

  4. How is open borders going to keep our country safe? How is it going to grow our economy? How will it create more jobs? Biden is decimating our workforce, destroying jobs, and wanting MORE illegals and refugees to come in! HOW is that good for our country? IT IS NOT!

  5. I f**king hate Biden….he’s a FRAUD FROM A FRAUDULENT ELECTION…and when President Trump gets back in the WH he is going to be really busy fixing everything this fool Biden has attempted to destroy! What a great day it will be to see the Biden cabal go to GITMO!

  6. So as the story goes , the Social Propaganda by the progressive Democrat party continue chipping away the USA
    to gain more future Democrat voters. The whole nation will be drained financially to like the 3rd world banana republic.
    We must be proud to be the next member after the ones
    rich and prosperous Valenzuela country. We’ll be sorry!

  7. Don’t forget….there are an extreme amount of firearms in Texas….that’s why it says, “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS”! You might want to heed that warning….just say’in.

  8. Btw: THIS is what I clicked on to read: “BREAKING: The END – Pelosi Has Been Given Notice
    Read the details…”

    CIO, this doesn’t go there, still waiting to read about nazinan getting a boot in the butt…

  9. So, I guess they all will be tested for Covid-19 and only those testing negative will be allowed in? Not! Then after they are in, I guess some of the vaccine shots meant for citizens will be redirected to our new border crossers. Sounds like a pretty good plan joe.

  10. Biden has no clue where he is or what he’s signing- he is a puppet with a pen and obviously no brains. Put him away and give Harris something to pleasure herself with.

  11. Doing everything they can to get votes never saw such dishonesty the democrats . They have sure showed their true colors.they could care less about our country, it’s all about power. You will,all pay in the long run and very soon i hope 👎🏻👎🏻😡

  12. What a stupid move, who voted for this idiot! The worse President ever Please Impeach him & Harris Now, get Pelosi also they all need a forever vacation!!

  13. Biden is following obama’s orders! He is “ pretending” to be senile for “ plausible deniability”, that way, he doesn’t have to answer for his stupidity! The demonrats can blame republicans and get away with it! And Obama can “ run the country” from the ear bud in joe’s ear, telling him what to do and say. Both Biden and Harris are stooges for Obama, while his “ good little puppet” Susan Rice dictates national policy! Come on people, wake the hell up! The coup is in full force, destroying our country ! We need to take our country back, get the “ slugs” out of our government ASAP!

  14. I can’t wait until all the illegals do something to all their families. Then you want to see some quick action taken on them, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It would be extremely swift and quick. But of course, until that happens, if ever does, then nothing will be done. Come across, do whatever you want here. No problems, don’t worry nothing will happen to you. Spread the virus and other diseases, shoot and kill everyone, burn everything down, commit a whole lot of crimes, you will be fine. Just as long as you vote to keep the crap where they are right now. So you and your family could live in poverty or out on the street. After the Things run this country into the ground and destroy everything. America, what a county. It might even be worse than what you left, but don’t worry about it. Keep coming and coming.

  15. Biden is a low energy, soy bred, coward who believes it is better to tell a lie and get caught, than to tell the truth to begin with.
    He needs to be put on the border so that all of his chosen people can live with him

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