Biden under fire from hardcore green activists for recent EV remarks

 February 19, 2023

The radical progressive green energy activists within the Democratic Party, according to a Breitbart piece by James Pinkerton, want all cars with internal combustion engines off the road. 

But President Joe Biden, who suddenly finds himself attempting to be one of us -- one of the blue-collar working Americans, wants to take a more gradual approach to the issue, which doesn't sit well with the radicals who helped put him into office.

During the 2020 campaign, you'd have thought Biden wanted to ban combustion engine-based vehicles and equipment altogether, but he quickly realized during his time spent in the White House that such an idea is only appealing to a handful of whackjobs on the ultra-left.

Mainstreet America needs trucks, cars, vans, and equipment. Bottom line.

The Lithium issue

While green activists, or "greens" as Pinkerton describes them, want electric vehicles on the roads and nothing else, the math behind the lithium required for such a feat is eye-popping.

"The World Economic Forum (WEF, think Klaus Schwab and Davos) relates that each EV battery needs about 18 lbs of lithium. And since WEF calculates that two billion EVs will have to be on the road by 2050 to meet its Great Reset climate targets, that’s a lot of lithium," Pinkerton wrote.

He added: "And of course, all the lithium a Great Resetted world needs won’t just go into car batteries; the element is needed for wide variety of industrial and ecological uses."

"But lithium production is currently only about 100,000 tons annually, so WEF’s projections show that the needed ramp-up in lithium production will have to be, well, exponential. For their part, greens don’t like to hear about the exponential growth of anything economic."

Pinkerton went on to reveal that a potential lithium mine opening in Thacker Pass, Nevada would be one way to boost lithium production, but ironically, is currently being challenged by the same greens who want only EVs on the road.

"That proposed $3 billion venture has been met by pushback from a coalition of greens, Native Americans, and NIMBYs. Needless to say, that was all the signal the Main Stream Media needed to choose a side," Pinkerton wrote.

Risks of lithium mining

Green activists against lithium mining are correct: it's absolutely treacherous for the environment, much more so than, say, fossil fuel extraction.

But the nutty folks behind the militant progressive movements can't seem to grasp how much worse opening the required number of lithium mines would be than what we're doing now.

Only time will tell just how much Biden continues to tick off the ultra-left as time moves on, but he can't afford to lose much more in the way of support, according to his currently embarrassing polling numbers.

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