Biden under fire over latest classified documents discovery

 January 15, 2023

President Joe Biden's classified documents scandal seems to be spiraling out of control. His usually friendly allies in the mainstream media are even seemingly turning against him, as they finally should. 

As it was revealed in recent days that a fourth tranche of classified documents had been discovered on Biden's property, more reporters are questioning exactly what's happening with the situation.

When the first batch was discovered, the media played it down significantly, stressing in the headlines that it was only a small number of documents in question.

But now that the number keeps piling up, Biden's media allies seem to be on the verge of going full bore against the Democratic president.

The latest

Social media users erupted upon the discovery of the latest pile of classified and Top Secret-level documents. Some wondered what's really going on behind the scenes.

"BREAKING: White House aides find more classified documents in Biden’s home. I feel like there’s a lot going on that they’re not telling us…" Collin Rugg tweeted.

"You can lose your housekeys anywhere but not in two or three places at same time. The notion President Biden A) accidentally took classified documents B) scattered them over multiple locations C) never bumped into any of these documents in six years = doesn't add up. It's nuts!" Fox News' Charles Payne tweeted.

Other ideas

Some users suggested that disgruntled Democrats might finally have a catalyst to slowly push Biden out of office before 2024, where his chances against a strong Republican are dwindling.

"I think this is the Democrat plan to get Biden out of office. He has served his purpose for them, and they are ready to move on," one Twitter user wrote.

Whatever the case, Biden and his handlers had better pray the trend of discovering such documents doesn't continue, or else it could turn a bad 2023 into something much worse.

Only time will tell if Biden escapes this scandal, but it's going to get a lot worse for him before it gets better.

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