Biden upends Democratic party’s plans, tells Obama he wants to run for re-election: report

Democrats were ecstatic after deposing Donald Trump, but they never came up with a contingency plan for the inevitable failure of their hand-picked puppet. It’s a problem that the party can no longer afford to avoid.

In apparent defiance of his masters’ wishes, Joe Biden has told Barack Obama that he wants his sham presidency to last two terms, the Hill reported.

Biden’s plans leave Democrats with a big choice to make: do they once again back their doddering figurehead, who is pushing 80, or find someone else to lead the party?

Biden leaves Dems with a big choice

According to the Hill, the 79-year-old president believes that he is the only Democrat who can deny Trump a second term in 2024.

“I believe he thinks he’s the only one who can beat Trump. I don’t think he thinks there’s anyone in the Democratic party who can beat Trump and that’s the biggest factor,” a source who is familiar with Biden’s chats with Obama said.

To Biden’s credit, there aren’t many good alternatives. Kamala Harris is even less popular than him, and Pete Buttigieg doesn’t register outside of the liberal bubble of cable news narcissists who constantly talk about themselves. Who else is there? Elizabeth Warren? Cory Booker?

It was this very problem — the lack of decent, electable options — that drove Democrats to rally behind Biden in the first place back in 2020. Apparently, Biden thinks things haven’t fundamentally changed since then, despite his collapse in the polls and increasingly concerning cognitive issues.

But having Biden serve two terms was never the regime’s plan, was it? It’s hard to imagine that Obama is thrilled.

Is the Democrat mafia done with Biden?

The 44th president was infamously reluctant to back Biden in 2020, and just recently, he was seen ignoring Biden at the White House in a pitiful scene.

As Biden’s presidency follows its predictable trajectory of failure, he also seems to have lost the favor of the media mafia that got him elected.

It’s a far cry from 2020, when Biden — initially dismissed as too old to be president — was unexpectedly anointed by the Democratic party elite in a bid to crush Bernie Sanders, and then shoved into the Oval Office in a propaganda blitz that would have made the Soviets blush.

Almost two years later, Democrats are facing historic midterm defeats, and a Trump comeback in 2024 looks increasingly plausible. According to recent polling, Biden would lose to Trump if the election were held today, although by a lesser margin than Harris.

What will the Democratic party machine’s next move be? Will they try to replace Biden, and if so, with who?

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