Report: Biden using ‘plodding’ policy reviews to make it look like he’s doing something

Although President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise to bring competence to Washington, critics say that his administration has thus far done anything but.

Washington Examiner White House correspondent Rob Crilly said the new president has been using “often-plodding policy reviews” in order to create an “appearance of action.” 

In a piece published Sunday, Crilly wrote that this approach is likely to please no one as “the result is concern among allies that he is dithering in his early weeks in office while critics see him pandering to the Left.”

American Enterprise Institute senior fellow Danielle Pletka explained that these sort of policy reviews can serve to get “your constituency off your back.”

“Appearance of action”

“It is an appearance of action without doing anything — and it takes the pressure off to be able to be either to go slow or ultimately to change things,” Pletka said.

One example Crilly referenced was a decade-old promise from former President Back Obama to close the detention center in Guantanamo Bay.

A statement from White House National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horne on Friday revealed that the facility would be subjected to a review.

“We are undertaking an NSC [National Security Council] process to assess the current state of play that the Biden administration has inherited from the previous administration, in line with our broader goal of closing Guantanamo,” Horne said.

Horne’s statement continued: “There will be a robust interagency process to move forward on this, but we need to have the right people seated to do this important work.”

“Nothing has been reversed”

James Carafano, a national security and foreign policy expert at the Heritage Foundation, explained that the problem of what to do with terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay is one that Biden likely does not want to confront.

“Guantanamo is one of these issues where it sounds simple to be black-and-white, but as soon as you start to govern, the difficulties become readily apparent,” he said, as Crilly reported.

Biden also notably drew heat from journalist Fareed Zakaria for not moving fast enough on a variety of foreign policy issues. In an op-ed for The Washington Post, he wrote, “Nothing has been reversed. Again, it’s all under ‘review.'”

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27 Responses

  1. Bitme is only destroying jobs and hope for a better tomorrow. This man is sick in the head and everyone knows it. I guarantee you, 90% of the time he has no glue at all what’s going on. Did you all hear that he brought his own Doctor into the WH? This Doctor will report that Bitme is in fine shape both physically and mentally. What a joke..

    1. Biden and Kamala has nothing to offer this two corrupt that invade the White House .. They don’t know anything never run the business and now landed in the White House like the hood looms ..

  2. didnt take him long to start ripping this country apart– his love for this country is as fake and 4 dollar bill and we the citizens have to put up with the garbage from him and his lovely vice (cough cough) totally sick

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  4. NO glue? LOL I now you meant clue but it was funny.
    Biden is such a danger to our country as he has no idea what the hell he is doing.

  5. Biden is a traitor and so
    Is Kamala, they both need to impeached and the congress or the supreme court needs to over ride his reversal of of decrees he’s taking the country apart one at a time !

    1. Biden and his whole family is totally corrupt! Kamala Harris and all of the Dems are corrupt including their direction to destroy America. The American people that voted for the Democrats haven’t got a clue about common sense! They do not understand basic Economics, and apparently have no idea about the average working person that are American Citizens. The people that voted against Donald J. Trump did not realize he was doing everything to improve the American people lives. I wish my beloved President was back!

    2. It’s hard to imagine that 80million believe that bunch of dishonest people and a joke that is about to crock…

  6. biden took a oath to protect America against all foreign and domestic enemies so now he should be arrested for treason since he has opened our borders for all illegals and terrorist to walk right in . He is doing every thing he can to destroy our economy and take our constitutional rights away with his executive orders so where are the republicans and why are they not trying to impeach him for treason where is the military who all so took a oath to protect the country and citizens against anyone or any country that does anything against America and its people , why no action to stop this madness.

    1. We the people knew that this was going to happen so the ones that wanted this hope that they will suffer from this Democrats bunch of thieves

  7. I think the Buffon Puppet with all his Puppeteers will have us a communistic country by March.
    The only thing Democrat’s can fix is elections

  8. Close Gitmo not before the truth about your evil self China Joe Biden is sold out to China and crazy’s put him in office at most 50million not 80 30 goes to mail in ballots stolen election communist takeover no Americans China is here spy’s treason

  9. He has been betraying America since his first day in office !!! He is a disgrace and so is Harris as well as the demorat party !!!! I would say they should be ashamed but I think we all know they have no shame…only greed !!!

    1. They got Louisiana shut down and no marti grai.but they the rotten Democrats are going to let 50 thousand illegal immigrants in what do they think going to happen Biden is and prove that he is a idiot

  10. The so-called president of the USA seems to believe he is a Tap Dancer, as he jumps from one view point to another, while never completing the Step(s)! He is the STAGE for OBUMA”S third term; who is pulling biden’s strings; and in turn, Soros is pulling Obuma’s strings. What a Disgrace they are!

  11. It seems this Administration spent an enormous time on the IMPEACHMENT of the former PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP, when in fact there are pertinent issues at hand such as the CRISIS AT THE BOARDER, COVID19 VACCINES, OPENING SCHOOLS, BUSINESSES, CLOSURE OF GUETAMINO BAY, ETC. Then there are the pertinent phone calls that need to be addressed as the GLOBAL DIGNATARIES are awaiting them, most especially ISRAELLI PM AND THE ABRAHAM ACCORD…..What is the real reason why President Biden stopped the PIPE LINE FROM CANADA THROUGH THE USA AND WHY THE STOPPAGE OF BUILDING THE WALL? One can only guess that it is more important Illegal Immigrants come across our boarders with or without COVID to infect more American Citizens that our President promised to protect when taking the Oath of Office….It seems there is more emphasis on GLOBALISM than there is on WE THE PEOPLE….Hard working TAX PAYERS who at this point seemed to be DICTATED TO rather than leaving the decisions up to the INDIVIDUAL and his/her common sense.

  12. It boggles my mind to think the Democrat party did what they did to make sure Biden, the most unqualified person in the USA to be their president. What were they thinking? They must have known he was going to ruin this country and do nothing to help the people of this country. He has already proved that with less than a month in office, It’s hard to imagine what this country will be like if he stays in office 4 years. .

    1. They did what they did because Joe Biden is manageable.His handlers pull his strings and tell him what to say and do.He couldn’t come up with a clear thought on his own if his life depended on it! May God help us all!

  13. how many things will be done by Democrats to destroy the USA & the American people , how much money will Nancy Pelosi waste in an effort to cover up wrong doing some of her Democratic party friends have done past & present as she places the blame on president Trump & his supporters. I want to know who owns dominion, I all ready know Hugo Chavez founded Smartmatic . but I also feel no patent should be allowed to be placed on anything which can do damage to the American people, scam people , & nobody should come before any American, American Senior, American disabled, American military , American law enforcement , no elected American officials should be allowed to continue their political career if they are corrupt & not serving & protecting the USA past, present or future. As no elected official does not like to be cheated nor does any American

  14. Looks like the media mob has no real questions for Joe. Like where are the jobs for the Alaska Pipeline Workers that lost their job. Media would rather talk about Sparky the Dog. Like most narcissistic people, they focus on themselves, unaware of the people they hurt or destroy. Media caters to Joe with no real questions except to offer him coffee and report on his 8pm curfew. While most of America is working and trying to figure out how to pay their bills, get their children back in school, Joe is soundly asleep. Knowing that the National Guard is around a mostly empty Capitol Building. Strange mindset, but predictable.

  15. BIDET, KAMELBACK, PEGLEGLOSI, chubby cheek mcconnell and his NEPOTISM job wife should all be Held for treason and fired by a firing squad on the capitol stairs. Better yet.. HUNG AT GALLOWS

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