Gingrich suggests Biden is playing ‘very minor role’ within his own administration

Long before his inauguration, GOP critics of President Joe Biden argued that he lacked the cognitive abilities to serve in the White House.

Recent events have reignited such speculation, including from one prominent Republican who asserted that Vice President Kamala Harris is the one who is truly in charge of the Biden administration.

“Every time you see him in public”

According to the Daily Caller, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) made his case during a Thursday appearance on Fox News.

“I really do think this is becoming the ‘Harris-Biden’ administration,” he told the hosts of Fox & Friends. “And you can tell that every time you see him in public.”

Gingrich went on to opine that the president is serving little more than a nominal role in his own White House, alleging that Biden is “dramatically better in private than he is when he can’t take any questions in public.”

Claiming that the president “can’t remember what he’s talking about” and “can’t remember his own nominees,” the longtime GOP official used recent gaffes as evidence of his conclusion.

“My assumption is he is a very minor force inside that building and that the White House is increasingly run by Harris, [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi [D-CA], and [Senate Democratic Leader Chuck] Schumer [D-NY],” he said, as the Daily Caller reported.

“I keep calling him general”

Gingrich’s allusion to Biden forgetting his nominee’s name is an apparent reference to the president’s attempt to introduce Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

“And I want to thank the sec — the, the, ah, former general,” Biden reportedly said at the time. “I keep calling him general, but my, my — the guy who runs that outfit over there.”

Of course, that was far from his only notable verbal stumble with a record of bizarre and nonsensical public statements predating his victory in November’s election.

During the campaign, Biden told voters that he was running for a U.S. Senate seat, confused his wife with his sister, and referenced arriving in Vermont when he was in fact at an event in New Hampshire.

Adding to the speculation that the president is not mentally up to the task of being president is his reluctance to hold a press conference or address a joint session of Congress, which virtually all of his recent predecessors had already done by this point in their first terms.

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42 Responses

  1. I don’t think it’s very smart on our country part just to let someone go on pretending he’s commander and chief. What if some kind of attach or something happen that needs immediate attention are we going to be able to react quickly enough. I think the American 🇺🇸 people needs a lot better than that. Your putting our country and people at risk. AMEN 🙏 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸GOD BLESS our country amen.

    1. HARRIS is the President, she tells him when to sit and when to stand so to speak. Everywhere you see him, she is not far behind. She also says she is a woman of color, insinuating she is part Negro, which she is Jamaican, not African.

      I cannot understand how his wife can stand by and let him be made a fool of. She likes the prestige of being First Lady but what will she do if he, for some reasons, declares war on a country? That can happen when someone has lost their senses. He is not doing this on purpose, he has the dreaded dirge of age, senility and forgets a lot of things. It is good he has secret service guards to make sure he gets to the right places, and Kamalla is there to put words in his mouth. I imagine the countries that are not our friend are making jest over what we have leading this country.

    2. The military will handle it. I read a while ago that they don’t consider Biden their Commander in Chief.

  2. I really have nothing to say this is a sad sad World we’re living in today where they stole the election nobody is doing nothing about that. Karma Harris is not even an American citizen I don’t know how she even got into this cult that they have going on

    1. You are totally right but then Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. either and, look at Joe Biden with criminal back ground gets illegally elected with half a brain.

      1. Kenneth if Biden was to stop walking in a hurry they would have to pull Harris out of his butt the party can’t let him say to much and Judge Robert’s needs to be taken off the bench.he doesn’t know how to play fair i guess big money talks to him and besides he didn’t like President Trump all i have to say is TRUMP 2024

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  4. Harris-Biden… Nope! Harris’s bid for POTUS couldn’t get any backing at all and she dropped very quickly. They slipped her on the ticket knowing how bad Biden was because she’s a proven track record of doing anything (Willie Brown). I surmise its Obama and Soro’$ guiding her!

  5. Please get someone to help us get this sick man out of the White House before he really totally kills the United states more than what he is ALREADY doing we need someone who is not afraid of Harris Biden and speaker of the house everybody knows what is going on and our own government is allowing it to happen wouldn’t you rather be a good politician then person with no respect for AMERICA

      1. The trouble is the Dems and the Deep State are one, they plan to keep control of the US by fraud if they have too. They might, not want to use fraud but they will if they have too. This one reason why they are allowing all the illegal aliens in. They plan to win the election 2022 that way, in not they will cheat as a backup plan. We have only the choice of Revolution, but most Republicans don’t have the courage for it.

      2. Don’t bet on the GOP taking anything back in 2022… the dems are already planning on how to cheat and the courts will say and do nothing including the spinless SCOTUS. The GOP was supposed to win in 2018 and lost, don’t you remember? Besides, after this latest Nov 4 fraud election, millions of GOP voters have said they are done with voting

  6. Biden has made such a big mess in such a short time, IF Harris does take over Does ANYONE think she can clean up this nightmare ???? Biden cannot, Harris cannot and Obama can not….. Nancy can not ??? Wonder what they plan next ??

  7. Shows why President Trump stood up to these evil, delusional, self serving, corrupt, money laundering, no common cents, lying excuse for a bureaucrat politician. President Trump stood up to the evil fake news, bureaucrats, politicians, and anyone else that looks out for their own corruption. Yet he still accomplished more good than all of these “ “ put together. Why are they paid for doing things wrong? Seems if any other job you do stuff like this, you would be fired. What is the holdup? They are traitors. Go jail now.

    1. Trump was illegally taken out as President, Everybody knows the election was crooked. Biden is not in any shape to be running a country, God help us if they put Harris or Nancy in. All I can say is Come Quickly Lord Jesus.

    1. But WHO is going to charge these treasonous sob’s with voter fraud? The FBI, Biden’s AG? They are part of the deep state. Any hearings in Congress will only go nowhere since the dems have the majority. So please quit thinking and hoping that justice will prevail… chance, NEVER!

  8. Biden and Harris are exactly what the Democrats wanted. Someone who they can control, who will do anything they tell them, no questions asked.
    Trump was someone that they had no control over and he couldn’t be bought. That’s why they hated him so much that they rigged the election to get rid of him. That’s why they wanted to fix it so he could not run again in 2024. Thank God it didn’t work.

  9. How can the people or our representatives get the mess created by Biden straightened out? I worry we might have more immigrants coming in than Americans can compete with and use our money to support them. Our own nation needs to do a better job. Him saying there was no product for COVID-19 when he came in office was not the truth. He got his first shot before he became president.

  10. What a total mess Biden is getting done to our country in such a short time. What can be done to get rid of this totally insane person? The democrats show how stupid they put someone in the office at our expense.

    1. The Democrats were not stupid in doing this, they new what the were doing and they and they got what they wanted.

  11. The only thing keeping Biden in office is that to impeach him means appointing Harris as President. This would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. She is very dangerous.

  12. Without a boarder wall and without checking the background of all those slipping in under the pretense of asylum our country is headed into total destruction by the left. What they have done is shown there is no respect for Americans or our children its all about control and so far I see so many falling for their control not giving us freedoms but taking it away little by little especially when they are pouring money into everyones hands which will end and is like putting a bandaid on a hole in a wont last!

  13. The hell with all this talk about the elections in 2022 or 2024! That is like talking about the return voyage of the Titanic!

  14. Why are the Supreme Court Judges applying a blind eye on this National Security Risk? With China having a hand in Joe and Hunters pocket and China strongly rattling the military sword in the South China Sea, it is not a matter of if there is going to be military confrontation, it’s just a matter when. Does anyone in their right mind want to allow Kamala Harris to play Commander in Chief in charge of U.S. Armed Forces. It’s obvious Joe can’t do it with the degree of dementia he is exhibiting.

  15. Where are the MORALS of Biden, Harris, Nancy, Chuck, and all the Demos that are going along to destroy the rights of the rights of the Citizens of the USA. We can’t wait for 2022 or 2024 for correction. Charity starts at home. I get sick at looking and hearing from Nancy. What a liar. Harris will one day be up and in Biden’s rear end. She is a fool for that.

  16. This was the plan all along.Biden even said that Harris would be ready to take over on day one! He was in no shape to even run for office much less take over as leader of our country. This entire administration is a joke.May God help us all!!

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