‘No strings attached’: Biden wanted to send $200 million to Iran just ‘weeks’ after 9/11, sources say

While President Joe Biden has already faced criticism over the perception that he is attempting to appease Iran, a new report reveals related evidence dating back to the “weeks after” the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

According to Politico, the then-senator wanted to send $200 million to Iran with “no strings attached.”

“This would be a good time”

Biden made the alarming assertion as the U.S. was reeling from the immediate aftermath of the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

“Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran,” he reportedly said at the time.

He was said to be looking to make a “grand gesture” in an effort to strengthen the relationship between America and Iran, the idea apparently being that Iran’s predominantly Shia Muslim population would have common interests in ending the Sunni Islamist Taliban government in Afghanistan.

The proposal of sending a massive check to Iran, however, “did not go over well with his staffers,” according to Politico’s report.

“I think they’d send it back,” one staffer reportedly advised.

Concerns surrounding Biden’s plans

In a speech to the American Iranian Council shortly after 9/11, Biden highlighted evidence of Iranian sympathy toward the U.S. in the wake of the attacks and invited lawmakers from the Middle Eastern nation to meet with him at their convenience.

The latest revelations come as the Biden administration is preparing to possibly re-enter the U.S. into a nuclear deal with Iran that was established during the Obama administration.

Former President Donald Trump subsequently removed America from the agreement, arguing it was ineffective and opting to reimpose financial sanctions on Iran.

Recent meetings in Vienna, Austria, have been held in an effort to facilitate a deal involving both countries. For its part, Iran has been playing hardball and demanding that all economic sanctions placed on the nation under the Trump administration be removed.

Biden has indicated a willingness to consider removing at least some of the penalties as long as Iran agrees to abide by the terms of the nuclear agreement.

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17 Responses

  1. You see he is a useless piece of crap!! Send money across to the other side of the world to Iran so what? They can make their weapons better?!

    OMG!!! We have veterans here that tried to help them out and all they did was kill our men and women who have left families behind that don’t know what to do next or where to turn for help and the same with our wounded soldiers who very badly need help and get lost thru the cracks. They have teenagers who are angry, the tweens who are too but sorta don’t know why, they don’t understand, and toddlers and babies who won’t understand anything until they are told when they are older. They need the biggest help. Someone to talk to, an older “ kid” who understands what they are going thru.
    We don’t need to help anyone but ourselves!! 🇺🇸

    1. And that includes ALL ILLEGALS NO MATTER WHERE THEY COME FROM! America and Americans FIRST! GET IT D/A!

  2. Impeach the SOB. There was less evidence on Trump and the Democrats filed impeachment proceedings on him.
    Get after this prick Republicans !!

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  4. Really doesn’t matter, OBAMA closed that deal by actually bringing the $Billions as a gift to IRAN in 2015, as well as $800 million to the Wuhan, China terrorist laboratory, that He and Fauchi, were heavily involved with, at that time, coincidence, yes, as much as Obama and Killary’s “Uranium One ” sale of 80% of our Uranium stock to the Ruskies!!! Thde BIG QUESTION IS, “Do we have ONE HONEST Democrat in our entire political system,if you haven’t heard enough, there always the Biden Crime Family, and their Ukrain,Russia, and China traitor activities,during the Obama era!!

    1. SOOOOO TRUE! Someone has GOT to Have the GUTS to LOWER the BOOM on ALL of them! Seems the more crooked they are the better treatment they get and WE AMERICANS GET SH,T on! And they wonder or care if we have NO RESPECT for THEM! DO US ALL a favor and get LOST!

    2. Hey Tom, so many of us see these things, and more, and complain everywhere we go. We write it down, post it continually and wonder sometimes why nothing gets done.
      How many times have you posted something and they don’t put it up? Even on this site.
      The Devil Left is at work and Trump couldn’t wholly fix it. Will voting recounts and procedure improvements be our only resort?

  5. Once the money was given, now Israel is now being bombed. Iran is in the peace treaty, that does not sound peaceful. Once a terrorist always a terrorist nation.

  6. There is, and never will be, a good time to send money to Iran. What is he thinking? Is he even able to think?

    1. Goes to prove he does not care about us! Look at all the bombs and destruction going on! We will be next and then what? YOU and the hoe will have blood on your hands! Brain dead or not you have been around long enough to know what will happen! WE had PEACE when the REPS were in control! Shows who has the smarts when it come to lead America! Pull the plug OUT of your ear and take your crooks and evil ones and resign! ALL of you , WE DESERVE FAR BETTER THAN YOU AND THE HOE! Take piggy with you, you all deserve each other.

  7. Biden is not capable of making decisions Who everis behind him is a danger to the United States and need to be brought to justice But I guess that will never happens They have done nothing with any of the other crooks

  8. Along with the cash ship out Joe Biden and K Harris 0 yes Schumer Pelosi and a few other Democratic crumbs.

  9. Hey Iran, please forward a copy of your expenditures of American Taxpayer Monies given to you in detail for us to file on our records of accountabilities.
    Kindly show us how our dollars helped the Iranian People directly.
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

  10. Beijing Biden aka Neville Chamberlain somehow thinks appeasement and lies are going to get him some kind of deal to reclaim the Sotero Legacy…What a putz this reprobate is and I think he is having related vaccine symptoms and blowback from wearing far to many mask…Dementia is not his only physical problem, he has a head up butt problem as well….

  11. Who oversees where our tax dollars go? Whoever it is they need to be tried for treason along with the Clintons, Obamas, Bidens, Pelosi’s, Schumers, Kerrys, Waters and any other politician that okayed that deal. I never heard that my money was going there when it did. I want my money back. Maybe I will quit paying taxes until I get my money back.

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