Biden warned brother to ‘watch’ himself in regard to problematic business deals: Report

In the final weeks of the 2020 presidential race, Democratic nominee Joe Biden faced mounting criticism over evidence that his son, Hunter, and others in his family had traded his political connections for their own financial gains.

While the stories were largely ignored or downplayed by many in the mainstream media, new reports indicate that Biden warned one close relative to steer clear of any behavior that might reflect poorly on him.

“To obtain clients for my firm”

According to Breitbart, the president cautioned his brother, Frank, to “watch” himself ahead of November’s election.

The impetus for the attention this development has attracted from multiple news outlets appears to be a newspaper ad released on Inauguration Day that featured a name-dropping Frank Biden promoting a law firm for which he worked as a non-attorney consultant.

As CNBC reported on Wednesday, serious questions came in the wake of the advertisement — particularly in the implication that Frank Biden’s connection to the president offered a reason for clients to choose to work with the Berman Law Group.

Despite the implications, Frank Biden attempted to defend himself in an email to the network.

“I have never used my brother to obtain clients for my firm,” he declared, sidestepping the apparent expectation that the advertisement in question would lead to the firm gaining new leads.

“Don’t get sucked into something”

The latest criticism even prompted the Biden administration to issue a statement, explaining that it is “this White House’s policy that the President’s name should not be used in connection with any commercial activities to suggest, or in any way that could reasonably be understood to imply, his endorsement or support.”

All of the details culminated in a Politico report on Thursday regarding an alleged warning Joe Biden delivered to his brother during the campaign, which was described as both “jocular and serious” by an unnamed source said to be familiar with the remark.

“For Christ’s sake, watch yourself,” the then-candidate told his younger brother. “Don’t get sucked into something that would, first of all, hurt you.”

The source maintained that the elder Biden’s intent had been to protect his brother from “being hurt and vilified” because of their close connection. Politico stated the obvious in its reporting, though, acknowledging that business ties among members of the White House hopeful’s relatives “threatened to undermine an administration whose messaging is centered on restoring integrity in the White House.”

During October’s presidential debate, Biden responded to accusations regarding his supposed involvement in his son’s foreign business dealings, insisting: “I have not taken a penny from any foreign source at any point in my life.”

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20 Responses

  1. Barrack Obama and the Clintons should face charges of Treason. How can any of them serve in a prestigious position in our Government? These people are crooks, cheats, liars, and have committed Treasonous acts.

    1. You are so right but sadly I would bet that the Bitme family will continue to get richer by the day with a secret account for Joe. Nothing will be done with all of the corruption that will happen under this idiot because everyone in his cabinet will get rich while us citizens lose jobs and opportunities.

      1. You are right. Unfortunately, the Left and Pukey Biden and the Camel his VP, the Obarfa’s, and the Clintons are sheltered by the Leftists. Though I believe that rue winner in the election was /still is President Trump, these criminals had deep pocket people, China, and several other governments helping them to cover up the fraud. All I can say is that we will all be hurt by this but I truly want to tell all the IDIOTS that voted for Pukey and the Camel get what they deserve. Trump told anyone who listened this was going to hurt them. Amazingly after Oukey was in office 1 day people who voted for him said they would not have done so if the things that were coming out had been made know to them sooner. Trump told them much of that information if they would have had their heads out of their proverbial rectums and listened. So I don’t feel sorry for them either. I do feel sorry for all of us that voted for Trump because we are going to suffer for this IDIOT’s being in the White House. Please notice I do not and will not refer to him as P———t or the Camel ( a play on its name) as my V—— P———-t.

  2. Biden’s as bad as slick Willy Clinton Harris obama ,how do you come out of the white and buy a multi million dollar house.Pay offs it’s simple.Do presidents make that kind of money,I doubt it.b

    1. Follow the Money: Their “Untraceable” “Pay Off” is $100 million + book deals and sales commissions. Everyone of them has gotten one or more in Clinton’s and Obamas cases. Proof you ask? Simple: The Book is promoted as a Times #1 Best seller… Actual Book sales a few thousand!

    2. He writes books, unfortunately no one reads them, surly not any of his supporters. Buuuuuuuuut, the question lies in how the Publisher gets enough money to pay his prepayment. Personally I think the publishers are money laundering folks that pay these X Presidents off, Just like those who pay them big money for Speeches.

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  4. All of you are right! I just have a hard time wondering how they keep pulling it off! Where are the checks and balances? I think the ring leaders are Pelosi and McConnell. They shift the money and the corruption. We the people have to be more diligent.

  5. Mal-Practice of Office

    Is this not the same reasoning the Dems tried to Impeach Donald Trump over? How many financial bribes has the Trump family accepted from any other country and how many National Security issues did the Trump family profit over from the oil gas and pipeline industry stopping what was keeping our country safe? How many Americans and Canadians have now lost their incomes creating more National Security Issues? How about border security drugs, illegals, murders and child exploitation. What “State” now being run by Democrats operates in the black? What about shipping money oversees when Americans are trying to overcome the Flu created by China? Our New President has violated all of above and more when will it stop signing executive orders does not make it right or American.

    Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body both makes and decides upon legal charges against a government official. .. In the United States, for example, impeachment at the federal level is limited to those who may have committed “Treason, Bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. Treason the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government. Bribery the giving or offering of a bribe. “High crimes and misdemeanors” is surely the most troublesome, misleading phrase in the U.S. Constitution. Taken at face value, the words seem to say that impeachable conduct is limited to “crimes”—offenses defined by criminal statutes and punishable in criminal courts. That impression is reinforced by the fact that the phrase follows the obviously criminal “treason” and “bribery” in Article II’s list of the kinds of conduct for which the “President, Vice President and all civil officers” may be impeached. The Convention came to its choice of words describing the grounds for impeachment after much deliberation, but the phrasing derived directly from the English practice. On June 2, 1787, the framers adopted a provision that the executive should “be removable on impeachment & conviction of mal-practice or neglect of duty.”

  6. President Trump donated his salary never collected one check and biden has never stopped loading his pockets. If politicians really had a love for country they’d work for free and not profit from the job. Hell most are very rich anyway.

  7. I always knew that we would be brought down as a country from the inside out, but I never expected the president of the United States of America to be the driving force. Biden is in bed with China as he’s president of the country and nobody seems to care. We Biden supporters are being erased from Book deals jobs in the Pentagon jobs in the defense department.
    Is anybody going to Step up and stop this Insanity?

  8. President Stolen must not have paid attention to his Catechism book…. or just didn’t care. What a bad Catholic. Unless you repent you sinner…. it’s the burning in hell for you.😬

  9. The demorats have the crown for illegal dealings. Bidens are as corrupt as the Clinton’s and both should be in jail. It’s sickening how those “elites” never have to own up to their crimes.


  11. What is going on, we have this treasonous crook by the cojones not to mention his family, (he is the worst President of the USA EVER), not an indictment in site on him or his family for their crimes, they have been investigating almost 5 years now, how dumb can this get?? We have Obama & Hillary plotting against Trump, Swelwell with China spies in his office & bed plus all the others involved in it, Schumer’s involvement with Epstein, all the insurrection to start riots that Pelosi & other Dems have tried to start, Cuomo killing many in Nursing Homes scandal, Harris paying bail for Antifa to get out & do no time, Dem. Mayors & Governors that have let rioters tear their cities apart but do nothing to stop it. Two of these Dems. used campaign money to give their family don’t think that was legal, if Trump did that they would have impeached him! Of course there is voter FRAUD!
    Why are the treasonous, hating liars getting away with this???????? The FBI is more worried about 1/6/21, that was orchestrated by Nancy herself to get something on Trump. Sure is funny she could care less how many Antifa have KILLED & Antifa & BLM have destroyed businesses & cities etc.!! Yet NO agency or Judge or lawyer or government official has said or done a thing. Then there is FAKE news, wouldn’t know what truth is if it bit them in the butt. Are we really going to wait four years to elect someone else to straighten this all out I sorry to say at this rate in four years we will be no more USA but who knows what. People we need a plan NOW before it is to late!!

  12. To late, we the people know of bidens corruption. more lies and double talk. Biden owned by communist china. Kosovo was conflict of interest by Biden. FBI and DOJ do nothing. Worthless organizations for upper echelon. People have constitutional right to fight political corruption and the Dems are the source of the corruption along with rinos like romney and several others == RICE

  13. Now for my comments and the comments made by others, lets see if we mysteriously disappear. Watch your back and the backs of your compatriots fellow conservatives. War is coming and the dems are pushing it to try and take final control. IN FOR A BIG SUPRISE!!!

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