Biden shifts course, now warns that bad economy will be made worse by Republicans

For much of the past year, President Joe Biden and fellow Democrats have downplayed or ignored concerns about the economy and inflation and instead focused intently on issues like abortion rights, the supposed fragility of democracy, and demands for more gun control.

There has been a recent shift, though, as Biden and others have now turned their attention to the economy and inflation to try and warn voters that those suddenly pressing issues will be made much worse if Republicans gain control of Congress, Breitbart reported.

That will be a hard sell for Biden and his allies, however, as multiple polls consistently show that the economy and inflation are far and away the top issues for most voters, and most voters trust Republicans far more so than Democrats to properly address those issues.

Biden warns of GOP-led economic troubles

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that President Biden’s “closing argument” ahead of the impending midterm elections was that Republicans would “trash” the economy if voters granted them control of Congress.

Indeed, according to Biden, per the Post, should Republicans be in charge next year, the American people will be faced with “government shutdowns, entitlement cuts, debt defaults and general chaos.”

Such was the theme in many, if not all, of Biden’s speeches over the past few weeks, and the new warnings of the purported threat that “ultra-MAGA Republicans” pose to the economy marked a noticeable shift from his prior warnings of the dire threats posed by the GOP to abortion rights, voting rights, and democracy itself more broadly.

“Biden’s new tone reflects the success Republican candidates have found in blaming the president and his party for the high price of food and gas, as well as for perceived increases in crime and illegal immigration,” the Post noted. “Polls and analysts are increasingly predicting a strong Republican showing on Nov. 8, prompting Biden to search with growing urgency for ways to change the dynamic.”

Unfortunately for Biden, the Post reported, according to GOP strategist Doug Heye, the president’s attacks about future threats to the economy and “warnings of impending disorder ring hollow because so many Americans are already dealing with historic inflation.”

“This doesn’t appear to be something that will be salient to voters,” the strategist said. “He’s still talking about ‘in theory’ versus ‘in practice,’ when what families have gone through over the past couple of years has been chaotic for them.”

Biden vs. the polls and reality

Bolstering that assessment from Heye is the fact that, both historically and currently, polling shows that the American people have more trust in Republicans than Democrats to effectively manage the economy and address price inflation, according to Politico.

That outlet pointed to a recent ABC News/Ipsos poll that showed nearly twice as many voters favored the GOP over Democrats to deal with the economy and high gas prices.

Further, while Biden and Democrats have, at least until now, been obsessively focused on things like abortion, climate change, gun violence, and the pandemic, both a Politico/Morning Consult poll and an NBC News survey showed that the economy and inflation were the top issues, Republicans were trusted more than Democrats to address those issues, and Republican voters were more enthusiastic and motivated to place their party in charge than their Democratic counterparts were to maintain the control they’ve had for the past two years.