Columnist: Biden, Harris risk ‘looking weak’ by avoiding press when Trump doesn’t

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are falling into a trap by playing hide and seek with the media, according to one critic.

The Hill’s Joe Concha told “Fox and Friends First” that the Democratic presidential candidate risks “looking weak” by failing to engage with the press at the level his opponent has done, Fox reported.

Critic: Biden incurs risk by avoiding media

Joe Biden gave prepared remarks in Pittsburgh on Monday, one of a few campaign events in which he ended by declining to take questions from reporters. The incident fed into criticism that Biden and Harris are running from media exposure.

Speaking with “Fox and Friends First,” Joe Concha warned that the spectacle of Biden and Harris avoiding scrutiny will not play well with voters, especially as America witnesses frightening riots that have voters looking for vigorous leadership.

“Cities are burning, people see people dying in American streets, I’m not making this up, we see reports on a daily basis and now they look weak, the people you’re looking at for not talking to people about what they would do. Particularly, Kamala Harris as a former prosecutor, by the way,” Concha said.

This isn’t the only weak point of Biden’s campaign, which is attempting a shift in direction after taking criticism for failing to condemn the riots for months.

Biden has been eager to avoid being defined by Trump as a figurehead of radical extremists, insisting that it is Trump who is to blame for mob violence in Democrat-run cities.

Biden already faltering?

Unfortunately, Biden’s reticence puts him at risk of “being defined by your opponent,” and when your opponent is somebody like Donald Trump, that’s a real concern.

“Joe Biden has done two press conferences in 150 days. You juxtapose this with President Trump or Kayleigh McEnany who do two press conferences a day on most days including weekends,” Concha said.

Concha said that Biden’s approach is already hurting him in the polls, where Trump is catching up in battlegrounds like Michigan.

“When you do that, unfortunately, your poll numbers start to go down, unfortunately when you’re a Democrat,” he said.

Indeed, it looks like Biden is going to have to come out of hiding sooner or later.

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