Biden admin proposed amendments to WHO charter that would grant expanded powers and undermine U.S. sovereignty

President Joe Biden’s administration submitted in January a series of proposed amendments to the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations charter that are ostensibly intended to strengthen the WHO in advance of another global pandemic.

There’s a big problem with that, though, as critics warn that adoption of the amendments would empower the WHO and other international organizations to override and supersede the sovereignty of any member nation, including the United States, in the event of a declared “public health emergency,” WND reported.

A vote on the proposed amendments is set to be held at the upcoming World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, between May 22 through 28 and, if approved by a majority of member nations, would take effect within a matter of months.

Granting the WHO power over U.S. sovereignty

One of the loudest voices sounding the alarm about this otherwise rather quiet development is renowned psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin, who posted a lengthy blog to his website on May 7 detailing this potential breach of U.S. sovereignty that was proposed by the Biden administration.

Breggin pointed out how the WHO’s International Health Regulations charter of 2005 is binding under international law and that, if these amendments are adopted, member nations would be legally bound to abide by and comply with the changes made.

Those potential changes and proposed amendments to the charter are outlined in a WHO notice issued on April 12 ahead of the Assembly meeting in late May. The biggest and most impactful change would be the removal of the current requirement that the WHO’s director-general consults with and defer to verification from a State Party where an alleged public health emergency has occurred.

Instead, once an “emergency” is declared by virtually anybody, and if the member nation at the center of that alleged “emergency” declines or refuses to cooperate with the WHO, the director-general is empowered to enlist the aid of other member nations and international organizations, such as the United Nations, to intercede and assert control.

The expanded power and authority of the WHO’s director-general would allow for the imposition of economic sanctions or withholding of aid, the assignment of regional directors or “czars” over certain countries, as well as the deployment of special “teams” for various purposes, if deemed necessary, to nations that don’t comply with the organization’s advice or demands, among other actions that would violate national sovereignty.

Making matters even worse is that language in the proposed amendments is intentionally vague and open to interpretation by the WHO in a manner that would allow for nearly anything — from climate change to gun violence to an actual new virus — to be declared a “public health emergency” and trigger the WHO’s new ultra-sovereign authority.

Not much time left

Unfortunately, according to a report from investigative journalist Leo Hohmann, the time has nearly run out for efforts to stop these sovereignty-killing proposed amendments from becoming a dystopian reality for the American people.

Because these amendments are being made to an existing treaty, President Biden has been able to bypass the constitutional requirement to seek Senate approval. Furthermore, if the amendments are approved by a majority during the May meeting, they would take effect by November, and objections or rejections, or attempts to withdraw from the WHO after that time would be denied and void.

If these dire warnings of the threat posed to American sovereignty by Biden’s proposed WHO amendments are, in fact, true, then the only way the American people can stop it now is to demand and force through public pressure the administration to withdraw or reject its proposals within the next few months, lest America as we’ve known it for the past few centuries become a relic of the past.

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