Is Biden’s deference to China the reason why there’s still no answer on origin of COVID-19?

It has been alleged for some time that President Joe Biden has potentially improper ties to China by way of dubious family business dealings and, as such, displays undue deference to the communist Chinese regime that is quite clearly the top economic and military rival to the United States.

Biden’s apparent deference to China may well explain why bureaucrats in his administration have done very little in regard to uncovering the truth of the origin of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and whether it emerged naturally in a “wet market” or leaked from a biological research lab in Wuhan, The Federalist reported.

That is a logical conclusion that can be reached after reading the piece written by Dr. Pat Fidopiastis, a microbiology professor at California State Polytechnic University examining why, after more than two years, there remains no clear answer to the COVID-19 origin question.

Lab leak vs. wet market

The professor first recounted the adamant initial efforts of top U.S. bureaucrats to dismiss and silence probing questions about whether the virus had been accidentally leaked out of the Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology, a biological research lab with a prior history of accidental leaks that was known to be conducting advanced “gain of function” research on coronaviruses.

Those efforts to shut down discussion of the plausibility of the lab leak theory were ably assisted by an allied media that further downplayed and dismissed the lab leak theory in favor of a competing theory that the virus had developed naturally among an unknown animal and was transmitted to humans at a wet market in Wuhan, China.

This was despite the fact that there was even less “dispositive evidence” to support the wet market theory over the abundance of circumstantial evidence that pointed to the lab leak theory being correct.

Dr. Fidopiastis pointed to one particular study that seemed to split the difference between the competing theories and posited that workers at the Wuhan lab were accidentally infected by the novel coronavirus and then unknowingly spread that infection at the nearby Huanan wet market that some have pointed to as the origin.

Biden’s brief “investigation” of COVID-19’s origin

As for President Biden’s role in getting at the truth of COVID-19’s origin, Forbes reported in May 2021 that Biden’s administration had unceremoniously shut down and ended a Trump-era State Department group that was focused on investigating for evidence that the lab leak theory was correct.

In its place, Biden at that time instead launched his own purported investigative team to find out the actual origin of the novel coronavirus, but that probe appears to have gone nowhere.

Indeed, Politico reported in late August 2021 that, after 90 days, Biden’s team had delivered inconclusive results that could neither prove nor disprove either of the competing theories, and there were reportedly elements of the intelligence community who were decidedly split on which theory was correct.

Why the truth has yet to be revealed

Dr. Fidopiastis acknowledged in his piece that either outcome would prove embarrassing for the Chinese regime, hence why a China-favorable U.S. government might drag its feet in revealing the truth, though as added motivation in that regard, one of the outcomes would also be highly embarrassing to the U.S. government as well.

If the virus emerged naturally from a wet market, that would be a humiliation for China, but if it leaked from the virology lab in Wuhan, which coordinated with U.S. researchers and received U.S. taxpayer-funded grants for its questionable work, that “also implicates powerful interests in the United States. Thus, it’s not difficult to understand why stifling the lab leak would be important to those in power.”

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